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Posted by jericho @ 11/29/2017 09:17 AM GMT7
Semesta Menangis...Langit Menjerit...Manakala ku terluka karena Cinta...Musnah sudah pengharapan...Lebur sudah janji yang terucap...

Posted by ----len---- @ 09/25/2017 12:26 PM GMT6
An Open Letter To You Beshie
On your wedding day i have few wishes for you... I wish you unconditional love for you and your husband so you would be able to see the beauty of marriage,and what makes them say "in sickness and in health, for better or for worst ,until death do us part" , i hope those promises will...

Posted by lynn822 da' best @ 08/05/2017 02:35 PM GMT7
Baru dapat buka blog ni. Password asyik terlupa je. Semoga semuanya dirahmati Allaj

Posted by Nettle's Musings @ 04/29/2017 04:01 PM GMT-5
Empty nest
Today my daughter moved to Surrey, B.C. Initially for four months, she has two jobs, renting an apartment, and a few of friends are going to visit her while she is there. If while staying there, she decides to stay, she will come back, pick up the rest of her things and move back. There are...

Posted by Anything Goes @ 12/20/2016 01:08 AM GMT9
Confidently beautiful with a heart...
"Remember only God can judge us. Forget the haters, 'cause somebody loves ya. Memories made 'til the nights through. Surrounded by the ones who love you. We all so turned up here, getting turned up... yeah!" Yes it's true, we cannot please everybody, and don't dare try to because it's not...

Posted by Bellos SMS @ 11/07/2016 10:10 AM GMT-8
Como entender los mensajes de amor en los Hombre
Es el deseo natural de una mujer ser notada. Y la sensación de ser notado por los hombres es uno de los mejores. Si usted está anhelando ser más atractivo para los hombres o hace que los hombres se enamoran, aquí hay algunos consejos valiosos para que usted pueda atraer a los hombres en su...

Posted by nekighie @ 02/25/2016 09:18 AM GMT6.5
A Decade of Blissful Marriage
Today we celebrate 10 years of our marriage. This love blog will also be more than 10 years with us. I hope it will continue to document our love story in the next ten more years and more... To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, we will travel to Siem Reap and renew our vows in the temple...

Posted by Babe @ 07/20/2015 01:51 AM GMT7
July 20 2015 #CoC
Hi Babe,Madaling araw na naglalaro pa ako ng Clash of Clans. Kasalanan mo to. Ang totoo, pinilit ko lang aralin tong laro na ito. Dahil para pag naguusap tayo, may mapag uusapan tayo. Para hindi boring. Para malaman mo na interesado din ako sa mga bagay na gusto mo. Kita mo babe, gang ngayun...

Posted by Armed Forces @ 04/11/2015 06:13 AM GMT8
Pemilihan Tentera Laut, Darat & Udara
Untuk Maklumat Semua, Pemilihan Awal Tentera Laut, Darat & Udara Adalah Melalui Permohonan Online Di my Panggilan Layak Ke Temuduga Akan Dimaklumkan Melalui SMS. Harap Maklum!!!

Posted by Transcending Time @ 03/25/2015 12:41 AM GMT8
one last hurrah.
hey boy.guess what. my scheme had worked. after five years, i have finally achieved what i had been trying for the past years: reducing you - us - to a memory. that's all we are now.and now, i don't feel anything towards you this... this will be the very last time i'll be speaking to you...


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