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Posted by Feeling Fine @ 12/08/2006 09:27 PM GMT-6

Posted by katalystduhh @ 11/30/2006 06:26 PM GMT-6
im a pimp.
I finished my rough draft that was only a day late! YES!!! I miss Cory, boo! I'm really kinda glad I'm with him.. and I'm not stressing right now. Thats a good thing too.. Even though I should be doing my journals for spanish. I like to procrastinate obviously.... Darn. Oh well....

Posted by [i.s.o.l.a.t.e.d] @ 11/25/2005 08:37 PM GMT6
sex is disgusting.

Posted by bloggy mode @ 11/15/2006 09:53 PM GMT9
Batangas, then School Agad!
This entry would be for everything that has happened for the past three weeks! Hahaha... ***************************** ************ BATANGAS GETAWAY: october 28-31 My Batangas adventure with Rayvin, Pete, Jhoa, Hanz, and Mar was super super F-U-N! This may seem too corny but the truth is, I got...

Posted by SPICEHEART.NEWS @ 10/20/2006 03:58 PM GMT1
Emma vuele por Navidad
Como todos sabéis Emma está teniendo mucho éxito en la nueva edición del programa británico Stricly Come Dancing y eso le está ayudando a conseguir nuevos proyectos. Uno de ellos es que la BBC Children In Need ha anunciado que Emma va a participar en el single oficial de su campaña benéfica anual....

Posted by fadswa @ 08/02/2006 10:27 PM GMT-8

Posted by Joshua @ 07/30/2006 07:54 PM GMT-5
so its driving me crazy...  i jsut want to be with her, and i know we cant get married right now, but i just want to be with her.  i hate having to take her home at night when i long for her to be next to me.  i hate only being able to see her when her mom says she can.  she is...

Posted by cememeng @ 07/03/2006 03:35 PM GMT7
doing surveys again (work sucks)
Takeia's This OR That QUIZ Abercrombie or Hollister no preference Pink or Red red Good or Bad bad Barbie or Bratz polly pocket?? hehehe.. Football or Basketball no ball Sex or Kiss sex Tight jeans or Just right just right Pretty or Sexy pretty ((CHEA)) or...

Posted by Let Beauty Awake @ 05/31/2006 08:50 PM GMT-5
...and the sign said the words of the phopets are written on the subway walls.
seems like theres a lot of songs about signs.  so screw grayson.  i <3 his brother addison.  lucky for me he's my boyfriend. oh yeah and...OH MY GOD!  3 DAYS OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT! holy shit... kisses

Posted by Blog? Log? Dog? @ 04/05/2006 12:06 PM GMT-5
Everytime Emo... We're all on Drugs...
So I've downloaded a few new AMVs (anime music videos) lately...  One's set to Brittany Spears (even I'll admit she has a couple of good songs... This one's Everytime), one's a spoof of the original Power Rangers' Theme about emo kids (go go emo rangers!), and one's set to Weezer's "we are all...


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