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Posted by As Told By Danzo @ 08/04/2007 11:23 AM GMT-5
I hold out for one more drink
Well hello!First off I'd like to comment on the Mink show at Upfront, which we had the privelege of opening...these guys/girl are a great band and have a promising future.  They put on a great show at Upfront and were kind enough to hook us up with some KISS tickets for the following night,...

Posted by +_s0m3dae_+ @ 06/06/2007 07:09 PM GMT-8
the heart is a fragile thing.
You change for two reasons; either youlearn enough that you want to, oryou`ve been hurt enough that you have to. Cause he`s been a major part of your life, of course you`ll miss him; it`s perfectly normal. It`s like getting a tooth pulled out; after the dentist pulls it out you`re relieved. But...

Posted by THAT GIRL IS ME @ 05/23/2007 11:57 AM GMT8
::a relief...::
huh..!!lega..   sda tamat satu ujian smlm..   ujian kemasukan ke institut perguruan..   klo dpt,intake bln 7Östudy 5 tahun..tamat..kluar.. n 100% jd cgu..   soalan..hmm..ujian bítulis..tmuduga bíkumpulan..tmuduga individu..   slack..ada soalan yg sy x taw..dgn...

Posted by SATI-lyrics @ 02/19/2007 04:45 PM GMT8
Lyrics and music by Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking SocietySoftly, as the morning sunComes through my window paneThoughts come to meMemories of you fill my mind and I smileSo gently, and my world transformsInto a merry carouselTurning me roundBringing me back to the place where I found ...You...

Posted by Ringtone Nasyid @ 02/18/2007 09:21 PM GMT3
Final 24 Hours Notice : Mari Pindah Rumah!
Assalamualaikum Semua!Pertama sekali maaf ler sebab terlampau-lampau lama tak update. Saya telah dihinggapi sindrom malas. Keduanya, saya tak bercadang untuk mengemaskinikan lagi weblog yang ni.Ketiganya, ada benda saya nak bagitahu pada semua. Website ni dah ada port baru, iaitu di Ringtone Nasyid...

Posted by GreenOrange @ 01/16/2007 02:42 AM GMT-6
actions become books
i miss it all. i miss it so much. i can't ever have it again. it was better than i ever could have hoped for. i need reassurance. for now i'll just listen to the playlist that takes me back to nights in 4AL. nights where i could fall asleep with a geniune smile on my face, anticipating the day...

Posted by starlight @ 01/08/2007 03:10 PM GMT5.5
Happy New Year 2007
Surprise!!! I want to inform everyone that I will not be blogging anymore. At least not on this url. If you want to know what my next space will be, pls drop in ur email add or send me a line to my email add and I will let u know the url. Have a great year ahead!

Posted by OUR LOVE @ 12/14/2006 03:07 PM GMT-8
BLOG CERRADO... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,,,, TODO PASO ! YA ESTOY GENIAL !

Posted by -bAbe5 and gAys- @ 12/09/2006 02:19 AM GMT7
term test is next week now is saturday morning came back ard 7pm just now felt so tired bath and slept till 230am last semester and term break coming last term of school coming graduating in 2 months time time really flie last time year 1 still got 2 years now 2 months next seconds 2...

Posted by Feeling Fine @ 12/08/2006 09:27 PM GMT-6


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