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Posted by DJ Black Jesus @ 06/30/2008 07:59 AM GMT-6
DJ Black Jesus & DJ Double R - Ready When Your Not Vol. 16, A Chi-City Story
01. Kanye West Ft. T-Pain - Good Life // Flashing Lights Transition02. Yung Berg Ft. Shawnna - Us03. Rick Ross Ft. Shawnna & Triple C's - Money Make Me Cum (Remix) (Prod. By Drumma Boy)04. Bun B Ft. Lupe Fiasco - Swang On Em05. Young Jeezy Ft. Trae & Kanye West - I Put On For My City...

Posted by chibigarrett @ 04/19/2008 07:41 AM GMT-5
Growing up with Grand Theft Auto
Spring 1998  I was 10 years old.  Moved to a new area, started at a new school, made lots of new friends.  One of the first friends I made was a girl named Marquisha.  She was a tom-boyish black chick that, at the time, was heavily into skating and playing...

Posted by a sudden rush @ 03/22/2008 12:44 PM GMT-8
AL fin
se fue le verano :Dayer vi junooooooo y no llore aunqe todos lloran yo no :Dtambein comi pankekes   -me acorde de algo tristeen verano subi 4 kilossssssss ;(y tengo qe ir a natacion en algun momentoooooqe lataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab uh

Posted by Faridje @ 03/22/2008 11:06 AM GMT-4
Farid @ Cuba
This is to let you all know that Farid is still alive & kicking, and that he has moved his blog:http://faridje.blogspot.c om/Go check it out and read all about his adventures in Cuba :)

Posted by ~SeoRaNG akU...~ @ 02/04/2008 06:57 PM GMT7
Good Bye..
Perjalanan Blog aku sampai di sini saja.Tak mungkin aku menulis lagi selepas ini.Terlalu banyak kenangan yang tersimpan di sini dan aku tak mampu untuk terus mengingati semuanya lagi.Terlalu indah dan pahit untuk aku terus berjalan andai aku terus bersama-sama blog ni lagi.Hanya setakat ini saja...

Posted by kk's been here @ 01/25/2008 04:39 PM GMT10
The life wheel.
Things have taken a turn for the better for me since I last blogged. Life is a fugue, one could also say that it is like the economic cycle.. up and down, up and down. I have finally gotten a job at Kmart in Blacktown so if anyone ever comes around there, be sure to say hi! I had to complete an...

Posted by thinkingofyou @ 12/30/2007 01:23 AM GMT-8
i am rain ^^
i am rainby larsIf I would quote Shakespeare:"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"You would grin from ear to earAnd "I am rain" is what you'd say.From cool April showersTo dark August storms,You're the unpredictable weather,Water in every form.Sometimes you rain on my paradeBut then you...

Posted by In thE zonE @ 10/10/2007 10:00 AM GMT6.5
yeye..nak raya
hheheeheh...i almost 4got bout my blog.dah berkurun dah.heheheh...actually x tau nak berblogging. watever it is, aku nak ambil kesempatan nak ucapkan slamt berpuasa da berhari raya...maaf zahir batin la ye....kesian aku, raya ni takde baju raya pun.uhuk.beraya ala kadar je.insyaAllah dis is my...

Posted by musicblog @ 09/07/2007 11:26 PM GMT8
Stuck in a Moment
  I'm not afraidOf anything in this worldThere's nothing you can throw at meThat I haven't already heardI'm just trying to findA decent melodyA song that I can singIn my own company I never thought you were a foolBut darling look at you ohhhYou gotta stand up straightCarry your own...

Posted by Priv Lamentations @ 08/20/2007 03:12 AM GMT8
nuff said
i think i make a lousy boyfriend.


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