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Posted by The Velvet Pistol @ 01/23/2011 04:05 PM GMT5.5
see, this tendered heart, a raw amalgam of its arteries, its clay and curses, its spurting blood, veins and wires wrought together. this heart is mine, reclaimed many a time. and each piece given, was taken back, stitched roughly together to the whole, in a patchwork of tenses and tears-...

Posted by Something Happy @ 01/14/2011 11:40 PM GMT-5
Well as I can tell and anyone else who reads this can see.  I had A LOT and I mean A LOT of Negative feelings and experiences in my early 20'S.  I guess you can say I was a bit Emo hahaha.  Im not going to say I was dramatic but yes A LOT of bad things actually did happen to me and I...

Posted by my first page @ 01/08/2011 05:56 AM GMT-8
Setahun sekali kayaknya...
ckckckkck... ni blog muncul lagi... hihihi... baru nyadar kalo setahun sekali aku buka ni blog... halagghh....

Posted by Teresa Was Here @ 12/14/2010 12:09 AM GMT-8
Self Titled
DISCLAIMER: I have to admit.. that before writting this entry, I had to delete atleast the last 20 entries. - Literally up until the point I got tired of deleting entries.A. because I wrote them ohhh about 3 years ago, at a VERY different time in my life andB. because I felt extremely...

Posted by skalky @ 06/10/2010 09:42 AM GMT-8
whad up
hey, it has been a long time since I updated. I uh had a crazy year in 07, then at the end of that year I left and went to europe for 6 months, working over there. but im back and stumbled across this silly blog. I sound like a pretty repressed, upset little kid.. well life is good these days,...

Posted by go the distance @ 01/11/2010 04:07 PM GMT6
bye bye
for those of you who are still reading this, good for you!cause i've moved to tumblr :D click click!

Posted by deadletterbox @ 12/16/2009 11:50 PM GMT7
malapit na pala mag2010...merry christmas...pero walang kinalaman ang title sa nakalagay dito...bale ewan...
Shit my memory is failing me disintegrating...haha...dman.. .i'm fucking dead now...i can't use my mind properly now...something's screwing with my power to reminisce and remember minuscule things...and my memorization is doomed...haha...thanks for my inability and inpetitude my...

Posted by fishies, @ 12/16/2009 01:23 AM GMT7
ditch me for all i care.
ditch me for all your relevant business. ditch me for all your far more important lives. ditch me for all your super wonderful lives. ditch me for all those busy works, for all those crazy making money business. ditch me from your life, ditch me. ditch me for all i care. im in a state...

Posted by Magic Light @ 10/24/2009 10:06 PM GMT-5
Thu vàngĐi trên đường đầy nắngLá vàng rơi trước sânChợt ngẩng nhìn mây trắngThu đến rồi bâng khuâng!!!-------------------- ------------------------------ --Thẩn thơTối nay thổn thức trong lòng emLang thang ngòai phố thấy êm đềmSao rơi đầy...

Posted by my bloggy @ 09/21/2009 03:36 AM GMT8
ending @ kpmg
I know. My blog has been dead for ages. I almost forgot i had a blog. Too freaking busy and i would rather rest on my free days. Days passed like hours and months passed like days. I was looking at my last post and i realised my days at kpmg are history. Right. I shall start with the last...


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