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Posted by BLaCK n PiNK @ 01/02/2006 07:41 PM GMT-8
Missin You...
Missing the day when you first held my handHolding me tight,Soft as the warm golden sand.When I first saw you, we just looked right,But as we speak, we know it wasn't bright.But the feel of you so close to me,Made me wonder...Why it had to be me?He broke my heart!Crushed my...

Posted by ALDA MARA @ 09/25/2004 10:10 AM GMT-8
ntt blogg
g stefana og sigurln vorum a ba til blogg saman slin er tkki v...... sds mega djammari var lka a ba til su sdsar sa..... bj forever

Posted by me in a symphony @ 09/22/2004 03:20 PM GMT-8
if only.
i dont know what to write or say. i just wish things could be a little bit better right now. they're not bad at all, and i'm grateful, really i am. but i just can't help wanting a littlebit more. i wish and i wish. maybe this time it will work out. i'm pretty sure ive done my part for this round.

Posted by HeartBroken3x @ 09/20/2004 11:29 PM GMT-5
ok well im finally home in jersey. we got here about 4:30 on Sunday. I called Sara and Shannon and they were at Shannon*z so I surpisied them by going to Shannon*z. Sara like couldnt even talk. Then we went to the PVS game and I saw Liv , Kyle , Devon , Alexx , Carter , Alexa , Mike , Joe ,...

Posted by Romona @ 09/12/2004 09:08 PM GMT-5
For all those in sept. 11th
For sept. 11th... God bless all those who lost somone in that tradgic day.. my heart n prayers will always be with you. God Bless you all.

Posted by Polkadot! @ 09/10/2004 03:44 PM GMT-8
Yo yo yo...!
hey hey hey, im back! Here are some things i found and thought were really funny.......... I LOVE KRISPY KREMES!!!! Fat Friends... he he. George W. fingers a problem.

Posted by Trish's Journal @ 08/30/2004 10:27 PM GMT-6
 SO i havent written in this thing for along time and i have like a million stories but i dont think people even read this so im not gonna write them down neway so this is a quick story.... Haha ok so i went to the grocery store and i was walking out with some groceries and stuff and this...

Posted by HOPINGforTHEbest @ 07/25/2004 09:23 AM GMT-5
Bye bye!
i decided to make a NEW blog, i know i know.. dont kill me. i just felt like doing something different. i couldnt sleep, yes its 9:20AM. and i havent gone to bed yet. FACE couldnt sleep either, lol she signed on at like 5:30AM and was talking to me. but she said she was gonna catch some zZz's....

Posted by Sweetheat Valerie @ 07/14/2004 11:30 AM GMT-8
I am (finally) here!!!!
It has been over a year, and I am finally here... Here in North Carolina... Here with my Sweetheart, Doug.  It's wonderful!  For anyone who has never been here, Imma tell you right now, it is beautiful!  I love it here, I am so glad I came.  When Doug picked me up from the...

Posted by @ 07/08/2004 11:06 PM GMT-5
my life, my love. <3
Yesterday, Timmy and I were forced to go with my mom to her boyfriends, there...i had a terrible time, possibly one of the worst. First and for most...we went fishing, like i've said before, i care more about animals than i do people, as soon as they started catching fish, i started crying. ;x Not...


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