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Posted by Fang's Confession @ 05/22/2005 01:59 PM GMT7
June holiday is finally coming
  Time has flied  ;once again. Now it is end of May already. The past two months have been kind of dramatic. I had my Schengen Visa successfully and my IELTS result was 8. These are the good things. Also I find out there is a cute girl and have started some action to woo her, but...

Posted by bundeng's blog @ 03/27/2005 11:18 AM GMT7
My Thermage Journey
Know beauty treatment called thermage? It's a a kind of new technology, non surgery prosedure, using radiofrequency device to increase collagen production under the skin. The result? firmer and tighter skin starting 2 month upward. But ... no pain ... no gain... and so with Thermage. So...

Posted by Live it once @ 02/27/2005 07:02 PM GMT7
I fell in love in hell.
I think I've made the biggest mistake in my life for telling him what I told him on friday night. I was being a bitch. I wasnt thinking straight. I was irritated, thats why. Didnt I tell you that I dont know how to be a good girlfriend? I dont know how to kiss, I dont know how to love you, I dont...

Posted by lilmami @ 02/26/2005 12:36 AM GMT-5
lance-he loves you and takes you sieresly how's your perfect man (celebrity's)with pic. brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by greenyellow @ 02/06/2005 11:32 AM GMT8
HELLO ((: damn is this showing?

Posted by secretsntruth @ 01/27/2005 10:48 PM GMT8
my niu com!!! =p
gt my komfooter todae!!! weeeee~ but ektuali..cnt do nitg mac... d one i wanted to tok w aint here... hmmm... gtting used to dis com... felt so awkward in adapting.. js lyk lyf... gtsta go... terra...

Posted by Dreamy Starz @ 01/07/2005 12:42 PM GMT-6
Well, nothing much to say...I'm not on my normal comp so I can't upload any piccies.. But one thing is true, being sick sux.

Posted by beef.station @ 12/05/2004 03:17 PM GMT-7
I'm at a bar... right now.....studying... and enjoying beverages.... mmmmm weird.... and i have the net... local bars = cool! Dawg

Posted by cherrichic @ 10/29/2004 09:45 AM GMT-5
who thinks...
who thinks im emo? everyone says i always look sad, i dont think so, but whatever. i do like dashboard confessional though. but i must say that right now im listening to "my goodies" by ciara right now. talk to me!!!!!!

Posted by BLaCK n PiNK @ 01/02/2006 07:41 PM GMT-8
Missin You...
Missing the day when you first held my handHolding me tight,Soft as the warm golden sand.When I first saw you, we just looked right,But as we speak, we know it wasn't bright.But the feel of you so close to me,Made me wonder...Why it had to be me?He broke my heart!Crushed my...


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