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Posted by Shimmers @ 04/09/2006 12:05 AM GMT-7
Sparkle and Shimmer Intro
     This site is all about fashion, beauty, health and wellness for young women. There will be posts on where to shop, what to look for for your body type, to learn to love yourself, to get into shape, helpful hints, and what the stars are wearing. I hope you enjoy!

Posted by Eclecticlife @ 03/16/2006 05:31 PM GMT-8
    Jane utterly ignores the tap tap tap of her shoes against the brick building next to her.  The sound isn't loud but seem to pierce the air more poingantly than any other sound around her.  She is wasted.  Her large black coat is wrapped around her a little too...

Posted by ~viernamariska~ @ 02/20/2006 02:42 AM GMT7
new design
/banggacuz im in the good mood to designwell, this is the my new design..sometimes webdesign could be so addictive that made me forgot to eat and to rest.uhm, minggu ini ada yg bikin gw merasa bangga, karna gw berhasil maksa si bf ke salon nemenin gw, bukan cuman nemenin, tapi gw paksa ikutan...

Posted by MetalGod @ 02/01/2006 01:42 PM GMT-6
The time of the oat...
Ya pues, se la pelaron     Ya estoy hasta la verga de blogdrive... por tal motivo, este se va a quedar abandonado... le voy a seguir en la direccin que puse arriba Necesitaba algo diferente... ya haca falta un cambio... As que yo ya estoy con los de...

Posted by craziBEAUTIFUL @ 12/03/2005 08:15 PM GMT-5
the new boy
The sad thing is, I know I'm just setting myself up for another heartbreak. But yet I can't bring myself to forget all the memories with you that I miss, Instead I just hold my heart out again for you to take. And oh, how I wish you'd just stop all of this, And tell me the truth for once,...

Posted by Inside my mind @ 09/29/2005 01:26 AM GMT-7
tired but alive..
Well, its like 1:18am. lol. im going to go to bed soon. Christopher has an appointment tommorow at 10:00 to see an optomologist. I pray all is well. Then on Friday, he had an MRI. Its alittle scary, but i know everything will be alright. Im just being a mummy:).  I have some new pictures of...

Posted by public love @ 08/28/2005 05:38 PM GMT6
a/c down
sori peeps. i wun b on msn or net for a couple of days or wks.. my a/c on mi comp is currently down. anything jus msg or call mi hp. thank u. hehe ! *peace!

Posted by BingAndBing @ 06/24/2005 01:06 PM GMT8
    回国 好长一段时间了,一直 有能够回到这里来,还 为是BlogDrive.Com的服务 坏掉了。今天突发奇想 使用代理过来一看,居 然能够上来,郁闷。该 死的那什么什么吧。不 过老祖宗教育的好,人 在屋檐下不得不低头, ...

Posted by draje! @ 05/29/2005 12:17 PM GMT-8
jolene by dolly parton
yarin sonic youth gunudur jolene jolene jolene jolene im beggin of u please dont take my man please dont take him because you can.

Posted by Fang's Confession @ 05/22/2005 01:59 PM GMT7
June holiday is finally coming
  Time has flied  ;once again. Now it is end of May already. The past two months have been kind of dramatic. I had my Schengen Visa successfully and my IELTS result was 8. These are the good things. Also I find out there is a cute girl and have started some action to woo her, but...


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