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Posted by katalystduhh @ 11/30/2006 06:26 PM GMT-6
im a pimp.
I finished my rough draft that was only a day late! YES!!! I miss Cory, boo! I'm really kinda glad I'm with him.. and I'm not stressing right now. Thats a good thing too.. Even though I should be doing my journals for spanish. I like to procrastinate obviously.... Darn. Oh well....

Posted by Yoshke's Old Blog @ 11/04/2006 03:34 PM GMT8
    Please proceed to   Yoshke Dimen's official blog.    

Posted by Info Educativa @ 10/09/2006 02:46 PM GMT-3
7ª Atividade:(Power Point)
·      ;   História em quadrinhos: A)    Criar personagens e cenários no Paint, inserindo no Power Point, com auto-formas  de textos explicativos (balões de pensamento e fala). Personalizar a animação de cada objeto, para que os personagens e...

Posted by my magical world @ 07/19/2006 04:53 PM GMT8
lala..lala..lala... =)
Think of Me  Think of methink of me fondly, when we've said goodbye.Remember me once in a whileplease promise me you'll try.When you find that, once again,you long to take your heart backand be free - if you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me ...We never said our love was evergreen,or...

Posted by no turning back @ 05/28/2006 01:55 PM GMT8
aku yang belum berjiwa PEJUANG~~
taken from frenster's bulletin board, posted by TZ.Sajak : Aku Yang Belum Berjiwa PejuangOleh : Mohd Zaki M.NoorAku yang belum berjiwa pejuang,Bila diuji SUSAH lantas LEMAH.Aku yang belum berjiwa pejuang,Bila di persimpangan jalan lantas BINGUNG.Aku yang belum berjiwa pejuang,Bila ditimpa BENCANA...

Posted by Brandy's Life @ 05/27/2006 03:32 PM GMT-5
New Myspace
Hey all.... i've moved to for my blog. Check it out to continue reading about my life's adventures. y    

Posted by iexist @ 05/27/2006 12:29 PM GMT-5
My feelings on the Dixie Chicks
Dose anyone really give a crap about the Dixie Chicks?Wait.... no. No they dont.

Posted by bang bang bang @ 05/18/2006 04:43 PM GMT-7
bon voyage.
the strokes concert was possible the best concert of my life. it was magical and wonderful and definitely very fun and loud and sweaty. i am off to france right away. to see my ventures there, visit: BONJOURLESFILLES.BLOGSPOT.COM

Posted by Over Here @ 04/24/2006 08:26 AM GMT-6
The Situation:
Personal life has been relocated to: http://truestoryof.blogdrive. com Working life has been relocated to: Be warned. Life has taken an adult turn. Summer is upon us. And the paper I work at is susceptible to hijinks.

Posted by gunners place @ 04/20/2006 03:48 PM GMT9
sotsuken... nani yaruno ka mada yoku wakaran dakedo ichiou yatte minai to wakaran yarou? dakara ima yettenno


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