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Posted by Intramura1s @ 09/21/2007 10:59 AM GMT-5
November Recap
Intramurals has 3 divisions this year.  Blue is a boys division of mostly 6-8th grade with some 5th graders and has 35 players (4 teams).  White is a mixed division of boys 3rd to 5th and girls 3rd to 7th and has 43 players (4 teams).  The Red division is mostly 2nd graders along...

Posted by soleil_des_loups @ 07/03/2007 05:20 PM GMT-6
Salutations, This will be my last post on this blog. I've updated this blog pretty regularly throughout my high school life, sharing my aspirations (now 7.694 steps away from being achieved plus some 10+ years of more education), my frustrations, my achievements, my joys. Well, that phase is...

Posted by Steph @ 06/15/2007 09:58 PM GMT8
ive decided not to blog here anymore, gonna use livejournal and/or multiply. cya there!

Posted by Simply Evil @ 05/01/2007 01:50 AM GMT-5
I've not updated this or read anything on this site in nearly a year.  lol.  Lets see...Went to a few concerts.Dyed my hair.Missed the last 2 years of school meaning I'm still not graduating even though I'm 18 now.I'm never here so just go to my myspace or deviantart pages.  I'm...

Posted by Somos Quinto @ 03/11/2007 02:05 PM GMT-5
feliz cumple Andres !!!!!!
°°°°°°FELIZ CUMPLEA—OS ANDRES !!!!! :D cuantos cumples? xD ...  que la pases bonito, diviertete con todos tus amigos y come tu tortita ^.^ en fin que  la pases bien que el lunes te tiran huevo en la cabeza xD ....    

Posted by life is a lie @ 01/31/2007 11:55 AM GMT7
sun nite was at jek's hse for his 21st bdae celebration. a very fine spread of food, buffet plus bbq. n a huge choc cake, laced with alcohol, n an unfortunate muslim fren who cant consume alcohol. hmm, a nice gathering of army frens. from sispec to 6sir. haha.  turning 21 is a costly...

Posted by BangBang ex oh @ 01/28/2007 08:09 PM GMT-8
new blog
well.the new one is finally up and running.[and my printer is currently chucking out 4 pieces of paper at once...odd.][yeah. that was a little random.] anyways.the new site: CLICK HEREE. it looks much better than this one.that's fo sho.hope you like. [heart]danielle

Posted by Cacatan @ 01/19/2007 12:08 PM GMT8
Life is Beauty, fools
I have slumbered... ...for more than 50 Moons. Chaos has once again bombarded upon all of us. Shall I slumber once again, or shall I take over to silence the war? Yet, I still watch on... The year is 2007. And this year... I am old. 16 years. There are 2 new classes, Lambda has...

Posted by Jerie's Blog @ 01/18/2007 08:25 AM GMT-6
More links
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Posted by pinK butTeRfLiEs @ 01/13/2011 11:39 PM GMT6.5
True Love And Romantic Fiction, The Perfect Couple
The world is intrigued by true love stories just as much as fiction these days. Now, you can find a variety of sites dedicated to the reality of love at your perusal.It goes to show you that just as many of us are captivated by the reality of romance as we are by a good romance fiction.Although ...


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