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Posted by arash142 @ 08/10/2004 05:17 PM GMT3.5
fOR sale
Advanced IP Scanner 1.2 pop Gather various types of information about local network computers. OS: Windows (all)  Serach All IP Addrees And Computer Name Victim And Shutdown Remote Machin And Abort Remote Machin Shutdown And Wake-On Lan Remote Machin And Ping IP And Show NetBios User And...

Posted by Time. @ 05/29/2004 09:14 PM GMT-6
Note: This Blog is temporarily out of order. Please navigate away from thsi page and visit this one instead. We Were Meant to Live for More.

Posted by FORO DJ CREW @ 03/18/2004 09:20 AM GMT-6

Posted by muchacha bonita @ 02/13/2004 11:52 PM GMT-6
         Well. tomorrow is the big one.. VALentinE'S dAY. right. I havnt updated in a long time. mostly because i have better things to do. but tonite. i'm overtired and home on the computer. such a great friday nite.,.,.,., not really.venting...

Posted by Fall the Darkness @ 02/05/2004 03:40 PM GMT-5
meh, yesterday afternoon was the best. and well thats all I'll say. The Lightning better win tonight or I might cry. I'm mad pissed, man. I can't see Stephen today I think. UGH!!!!!! *tear* *sniffles* Botheration. If it weren't for Jessie's bball game I would. Mreh. Not cool. I want to go...

Posted by SteveMyPenguin @ 01/27/2004 07:45 PM GMT-10
you're so weak. it makes me sick. you're so fucking pathetic. if i had the guts, i'd kill you myself, instead of sitting around listening to you threaten to take your own life. you wanna die, so die. i'm not stopping you.

Posted by my life @ 01/25/2004 06:34 PM GMT-6
Came home watched tv til about 5pm called Cary talk to hem a lil bit than he called me back than i asked my grandma if i could go with hem to his house she said yes we chilled in hes room and watched 13 ghost he kissed me he kissed good well i think he does N-E ways than he asked me out ! i...

Posted by Studio 2003 @ 12/07/2003 07:33 PM GMT-6
December 7
Today we worked on our production binder. We're trying to organize all our process trace into some kind of understandable format.  With the project at an end, we'd like to make a few comments about the results we achieved.  We both learned alot from one another about site planning,...

Posted by misfit1687 @ 12/05/2003 09:47 PM GMT-5
Weird Dream
ive been having dreams was about a guy the i was fallin for and he left for the army.....i had a dream that he came bak and was walkin down the hall at school with a girl i know.....then we ended up at someones house....and i came in and sat on a chair with him and he started talkin...

Posted by Evie @ 11/30/2003 06:02 PM GMT-5
hmmm.  I thought i would go ahead and write about my thanksgiving, but i really don't feel like it.  It was pretty normal: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing.  I definitely drank more over the weekend than i ever have over thanksgiving, but that's not terribly exciting either. ...


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