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Posted by Second Chances @ 05/12/2004 09:21 PM GMT-5
I don't have aim. I don't have e-mail. I don't have parents that let me make long distance calls. There are no means of communication except by word of mouth. SO, in hopes that someone will care... on Sunday I'll be at church to converse with the friend(s) I still have... sigh.

Posted by Sour Dreams @ 05/06/2004 01:45 AM GMT-5
Hiatus! Hiatus! Hiatus! Hiatus! Haitus! Haitus! Haitus! That's right. As you can tell by my lack of updating I do not have time for this blog. Finals are coming up and I gotta pass them. So, I'll see you in a couple weeks. Also, may be getting domain. Stay tuned. may be up soon!

Posted by HEY BUS DRIVER @ 04/29/2004 09:23 PM GMT-5
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Posted by Half Empty Bottle @ 04/21/2004 12:12 AM GMT-5
-DESCRIBE / TELL— [three words that sum you up]: quiet, observant, simpleminded [jewelry worn daily]: plugs, earring, and navel ring & barbell [wallet]: with white flowers [coffee]: no coffee [shoes]: reefs [cologne/perfume]: lotion [clothing you have on]: yumpop...

Posted by Aquatica @ 04/15/2004 01:26 AM GMT-8
one, two, three?

Posted by MandysCrazyLife @ 04/11/2004 09:51 PM GMT-5
its been a long long time
I know, it's been forever since I've updated my blog page....but things have been very hectic around here.  First of computer "blew up", so therefore, I cannot get online anymore at my house untill I get it fixed or buy a new one...and to be quite honest...other things are more...

Posted by ~*Muñeca*~ @ 03/29/2004 06:24 PM GMT-5
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Michael!!! You are the sweetest boy that i have ever met and i'm glad you are my Best Friend.Hope ya get wat u want. ~Lynn

Posted by AmethystMoonbeams @ 03/25/2004 07:42 PM GMT-8
Looking back

Posted by BaNaNa @ 03/21/2004 04:06 PM GMT-7
The Pirates of the Caribiean

Posted by My So Called Life @ 03/18/2004 08:55 AM GMT-8
Day off School!
Well today I didn't go to school...why thats none of your B-I-IZNESS! But some of yall know! Anyways I didn't realize how much crapp I had to do today...=( So anyways... My life is rather GREAT now a days! I really am starting to like Chris the more we talk!  He always puts a smile on my...


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