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Posted by Lra klra @ 07/29/2004 05:16 AM GMT-8
ny blogg
hh, g er bin a skifta um blog eva og solla lka.. min er evu: sollu: jja g held a esi s kanski betri en samt tla g ekki a eia esu skal skrifa stundum , bless

Posted by Krazy chick @ 07/04/2004 12:30 AM GMT-5
"You leave me lonely"
   Happy 4th of July!      i'm really bored, i didn't do anything for 4th of July, I didn't even see any fireworks. thats okay though, I just got off the phone with Kevin and he got burned, i had a good laugh at that. He hates that i don't burn only tan, i'm not...

Posted by MoI bLoGgIe @ 06/26/2004 01:29 AM GMT8
ok fine...
im keepin all my poems here. they r too many to go blogspot. =/

Posted by :: MUSANG :: @ 06/23/2004 07:53 PM GMT8
cubaan pertama
alaa test jerk.. create bekurun.. tapi tak penah pon pakai! heuheuheu

Posted by ladylux14 @ 06/05/2004 11:23 AM GMT-5
wow and life still sucks
wanna know something? life sucks...then you die

Posted by me ME me mE!!! @ 05/23/2004 05:01 PM GMT7
i've moved. =D
wahhah!!! i've moved again! whahaha. hee~ =D

Posted by Zippy's Record @ 05/20/2004 03:59 PM GMT-5
yeh..its that time...
We all knew it would come to this eventually. I don't know if I have a crappy computer or if blogdrive is just become this major amount of shit, because recently I've had a lot to fucking say and everytime I try to save or just put this shit out there, it screws up. If the time I spend on here...

Posted by deceptiOn- @ 05/15/2004 07:47 AM GMT-8
Finally. i'm tasting it again. except this time it's different. And i've seen myself change. yea. I dunno if it means anything. i mean.. they are the ones, and they did it. now they ask us to do it.. hmm. but honestly. doesnt matter to me. just curious lah.

Posted by Shiva Ananda @ 05/15/2004 04:39 AM GMT-5
Escapee!!! 8 O
I brought something down to the community room a few minutes ago.  I'd closed my apartment door softly, & at some point it must have popped open.  When I returned my first thought was, "OMG - There's a cat in the hallway!"  My second thought was, "HOLY SHIT - AND IT'S...

Posted by Second Chances @ 05/12/2004 09:21 PM GMT-5
I don't have aim. I don't have e-mail. I don't have parents that let me make long distance calls. There are no means of communication except by word of mouth. SO, in hopes that someone will care... on Sunday I'll be at church to converse with the friend(s) I still have... sigh.


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