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Posted by OhKittyKittyM3oW @ 11/26/2004 04:10 PM GMT-6
It's been some time...
It's been awhile since I've written.  Guess time got short and I got busy.  My mother is healthy, my uncle too is done with chemo and seems to be doing fine. My grandfather survived his bi-pass surgery, and yeah. now to recap... Chris and I are still going strong, we have problems, but...

Posted by Neopets Help @ 10/04/2004 01:13 PM GMT0
Neoquest 2 again....sigh
Phew I'm finally back on the blog again. I did say I'll log in less! You want me to continue on Neoquest 2 again? I'm currently bored, so I guess I'll do so. (But I can't provide the pictures anymore, I have already completed the game, sorry. But I'll guide you through and explain...

Posted by Howls and Growls @ 09/28/2004 11:19 AM GMT-6
Political thoughts
Some thoughts on the current political fighting: John Kerry wants to get elected on his Vietnam service record, yet he keeps refering to the ongoing fighting in Iraq as a "quagmire", I think the first thing he'd do if elected is order the Army Corps of Engineers to immediately start irrigating...

Posted by Green Roses @ 09/12/2004 10:45 PM GMT-5
Away away away
Hey, Ive noticed that I havent updated to what had been about a month... well, sorry 'bout that. I might actually make a new site now... one that I will try to update daily, and one that will change in appearence, other than stay the same forever. so yeah... I guess Ill write later or whatnot......

Posted by tappiegurl7 @ 08/30/2004 03:57 PM GMT-5
Hey everyone..sorry it took soo0o0 loooong...
hey everyone...I know I know, you all hate me now, because I haven't written any words that I know you were all just DYING to hear. At least, Steph was anyway...so0o0o, this starts our blog today. wow. Now I have nothing to say. This is VERY unusual, so you should all take a moment to enjoy it, as...

Posted by cukiezncream @ 08/28/2004 09:17 AM GMT-8
will u coment on this please?
Last night i caught myself laufing at a not so funny situation.. as you all dont know i now go out with jevatae and its been going on since july 5. hes 14 and goes to a different skool den me. pblh.. i go to oms. big differnce. and see i *liked* him alot.. not as much as i like kaion......

Posted by butterfLyz @ 08/08/2004 04:34 PM GMT8
Wootage...i suppose
Well now, since anne here wont be blogging till her holidays come...i shall take over this place and RULE!!! bwahahahaha ...*cough* *cough* Ok ...that was a lame excuse of a demonic laughter...till than catch u ppl later.

Posted by Lra klra @ 07/29/2004 05:16 AM GMT-8
ny blogg
hh, g er bin a skifta um blog eva og solla lka.. min er evu: sollu: jja g held a esi s kanski betri en samt tla g ekki a eia esu skal skrifa stundum , bless

Posted by Krazy chick @ 07/04/2004 12:30 AM GMT-5
"You leave me lonely"
   Happy 4th of July!      i'm really bored, i didn't do anything for 4th of July, I didn't even see any fireworks. thats okay though, I just got off the phone with Kevin and he got burned, i had a good laugh at that. He hates that i don't burn only tan, i'm not...

Posted by MoI bLoGgIe @ 06/26/2004 01:29 AM GMT8
ok fine...
im keepin all my poems here. they r too many to go blogspot. =/


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