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Posted by Photos of My Cats @ 01/24/2008 01:16 AM GMT-5
Why Emerald is Mistress of the Pwnage. With Juliet:     And with Bogart:

Posted by Blog-O-Fergus @ 10/18/2007 10:36 AM GMT-5
(X-posted to taijiya monogatari and submitted to I Can Has Cheezburger)  

Posted by alyza @ 09/24/2007 04:51 PM GMT8
..:: Dialah Dihati - Episode 18 ::..
assalamualaikum sumer... lyza minta maaf coz dah dah lama x smbung novel nie... hari baik bulan baik nie sama2 la kiter bermaafan... x lama lg nak rayer ka   k la ea... lyza sambung balik kisah nie.. selamat membaca sumer...             Pagi-pagi hari...

Posted by Pet Stylist @ 08/23/2007 02:22 PM GMT-8
when groomers bite their tongues, the pet suffers
 in Las Vegas our laws regarding reporting animal abuse are pretty much: blind eye/turn the other the grooming salon where i work we see some horrendous cases of animal abuse and neglect. i have seen more severely matted cases in a week that have OWNERS than i did in an entire...

Posted by My Life as MomKat @ 08/13/2007 03:40 PM GMT-8
Can you tell which of these children was not born free?
Here's a video presentation about Human Right #1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as presented by the Youth for Human Rights International. Click here to watch other ads of all your Human Rights.

Posted by wakol @ 08/08/2007 02:08 AM GMT9
Umeboshi, done well!
This was the first time for me to pickle Ume, but it seems to go well thanks to my mother in law. How to pickle Ume: 1. Soak Ume in salt water for 1 week. 2. Dry Ume in the sun for 3 straight days. 3. Soak Ume in vineger and liquor, and add crystal sugar. 4. Dry Ume in the sun for 3...

Posted by DramaQueen @ 10/30/2006 08:29 AM GMT7
note: i still get duit raya! w0ot ;p!its funny how people always mistaken me for being the youngest in my family, (thanks to my mini size) and how serba-salah i felt when i get duit raya instead of my baby sis. i mean not dat i care so much about duit raya but u know, its juz sort of.. 'tak aci'?...

Posted by Being Amber @ 04/29/2006 06:28 AM GMT-6
True Friends
So, I think she's a good friend. She'll driink with me and match me shot for shot. She'll give me a ride to work when my pile of junk Jeep breaks down. She'll dance on the bar with me and not let me fall. She will help me upstairs to my apartment when I'm so drunk I can barely walk.  She'll...

Posted by SnotBlossom @ 03/22/2006 08:53 AM GMT-8
MY NEW BLOG AREA!!! londegurl     I really dont use blogdrive nemore, they all do to myspace so check it out!!!!

Posted by gitargaur @ 11/20/2005 03:44 PM GMT-8


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