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Posted by The Blog @ 01/03/2004 04:34 PM GMT-6
So what is my blog about?
I want this blog to represent my big picture, the wholeness of my journey as a person.  Is that specific and compelling enough to have any kind of audience?  I donít know.  Maybe over time the focus could be narrowed and defined more.  Maybe I could define it just according to...

Posted by cben992 @ 12/13/2003 01:06 PM GMT-8
December 13, 2003 has been quite awhile. As i predicted in the first journal, i knew that i would end up neglecting this thing, and then coming back in some mad rush and trying to update four weeks worth of the usual bullshit into one journal. Then again, i guess it was...

Posted by Malachy Constant @ 11/27/2003 04:24 PM GMT0
Never get strung along
People who like to play upon your feelings are never worth it. You can be the nicest person to them, but they will never realise that. If its attention only that someone wants, tell them to go take a hike!

Posted by Golden Chicken @ 11/24/2003 11:33 AM GMT-8
Straight sword versus broad sword
Let's talk about the straight sword versus the broad sword.  The broad sword was the weapon most used by food soldiers in ancient China.  It's weight and size made it perfect for slashing and chopping, thus a formidable weapon requiring long, heavy blows. The straight sword on the...

Posted by Nothing Fancy @ 11/16/2003 09:54 PM GMT-5
Frustration and Pain
So as it turns out, it seems as though there are quie a few things running through my mind.  And the more i think about it, the less it actually all has to do with jessica, and the more it has to do with my frustration and dislike for everyone.  dislike for myself. i have been with my...

Posted by Francium 87 @ 10/05/2003 12:00 AM GMT-5


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