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Posted by Golden Ratio Room @ 06/02/2006 03:30 AM GMT-8
The Golden Ratio Room
    "Cold Fusion" Moth Designs-original photography and photo collage   Hello and welcome to Dimitri Spanoas Virtual Castle. There are many rooms in the virtual castle...this one is dedicated to the writings of math and physics. For the most part it is also an extension into...

Posted by peppermint @ 04/30/2006 10:28 PM GMT-8
Banana Pancake
I wish we could do this...----------------------- -------------------Banana Pancakeby: Jack JohnsonCan't you see that it's just rainin' There ain't no need to go outside But baby, you hardly even notice When I try to show you this song It's meant to keep you From doin' what you're supposed to...

Posted by Miakoda @ 07/12/2005 09:23 PM GMT-6
k, I will attempt to keep this site alive from now on...I'm doing a good job w/ my xanga ( px?user=Mia_Koda16) it's prob always up to date...I'll try to keep this alive from now on now, but if this site dies, keep my xanga, cause that's where I am most of time...yeah...

Posted by Thomas Jefferies @ 06/27/2005 11:17 PM GMT-8
Statistical Analysis
Statistics consistently show that 5% of all statistics are made up on the spot.   It simply amazes me how many people hear this all to frequently recited math joke and simply say, "Oh.  Okay," without so much as a flinch of realization that they just agreed with a oxymoronic...

Posted by Götudrósin @ 10/21/2004 12:21 PM GMT-8
réttarfariš enn eina feršina
Žaš er ótrślega aulalega komiš fyrir konum į žessu landi. Žaš veršur ekki hjį žvķ komist aš horfast ķ augu viš žaš eftir fréttir gęrdagsins. Ég er ein af žeim örfįu sem er bśin aš vera aš benda į žetta heillengi, žetta hrošalega réttarkerfi og hvernig aldrei nokkur mašur hefur hlotiš dóm fyrir...

Posted by Second Rounds @ 07/06/2004 11:05 PM GMT-6
The endless pit of self-guilt, destruction, and loooff...
Alright, I'm back and better than ever.  England was a blast...saw the nice castles, met the nice people, drank the nice wine, swam the nice beaches.  But on to more pressing matters.  The aforementioned endless pit of self-guilt, destruction, and loooff (Jason speak of love) and...

Posted by Confessions... @ 04/06/2004 10:54 AM GMT-5
Condoleeza Rice
Being a white southern male, I must agree that we need both a minority...and a female president. One that all races,sexes,religions,..and so on and so forth...could agree upon. It would be a unifying factor for our nation, and would qell some of the chatter around the woprld that we don't practice...

Posted by Caaaitlin @ 03/11/2004 02:46 PM GMT-6
You spin me right 'round baby, right 'round... like a record baby
Hmm... that just about sums it all up. Me, Jess, and Ellie got flamingo pens yesterday at Walgreens! I didn't go to school today. Halelujah? Tomorrow's Friday! The end <3

Posted by cr4zyw1nd @ 02/28/2004 02:50 PM GMT8
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Posted by Loopy Superstring @ 02/17/2004 02:46 PM GMT-5
Return from Montreal
So we just got back from Montreal.  It was a great trip filled with stories, setbacks, disappointments and new beginnings.  My handbag with alot of my writings and my book of poetry was stolen.  The worst part of it was that there isnt even any money in there.  But i...


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