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Posted by superone @ 05/31/2015 03:37 AM GMT7
Saya Kembali Nge-blog Lagi...
Hai... saya kembali, sudah lama sekali rasanya kita tdak jumpa. Sejak terakhir kali saya posting di blog ini tertanggal 6 maret 2009, saya memang benar-benar menghilang dari blog ini. Alhamdulillah kini bisa ngeblog lagi. Yup, 6 tahun lebih saya tidak ngeblog. Tentu banyak yang berubah dari...

Posted by Utih Amartiwi @ 03/10/2013 12:19 PM GMT7
Menjadi Juara suatu kompetisi merupakan kebanggaan tersendiri bagi seseorang. Apalagi sampai mengharumkan nama bangsa Indonesia di kancah Internasional. Hal itu membuktikan bahwa sebagai Negara berkembang, Indonesia pun memiliki SDM yang luar biasa dan tidak kalah bersaing dengan...

Posted by A Life Journey... @ 12/28/2008 01:02 AM GMT8
dh agak lame jugak la kan since entry terakhir? i mean,apart of those lyrics.huhu.dh tulis few times sebenarnye,tp stiap kali nk post, internet problem.pastu dh mls nk tulis lg.skrg ni kat umah ain.sok nk balik kg parit raja,annur nk tunang.annur is my cousin o my age.huhu.takpela,die dh keje.bleh...

Posted by MISAGH TABRIZI @ 01/29/2008 03:15 PM GMT-8
Mississauga Teaching Project
  ( 080127 ) Quote from Mississauga CGC in regards to Mississauga's Latest Teaching Project dated 27 Jan 2008 -->   "Through our collective effort, united in our hearts and thoughts, we experienced the heavenly taste of true collective teaching these past two weekends.  As a...

Posted by reimansblog @ 12/17/2007 03:13 AM GMT-8
It's over
So you were into this waiting thing, huh?But did you darn told her you were waiting?That's just so uncool, manNow she loves someone else.What were you thinking?So there she goes. away from you. I don't even want to give you the pleasure of a sigh. And i'd like to say i hate you, but that...

Posted by TheLab @ 08/22/2006 11:34 PM GMT-8
Uh-oh! Pluto may be unfrocked
Uh-oh. It looks like Pluto may be stripped of its planetary title in the coming weeks.  The International Astronomical Union is meeting in Prague, to discuss many things, but the hottest topic of all is the definition of "planet."  This new definition could change the way we...

Posted by wjz home @ 07/29/2006 11:55 AM GMT-5
Integration of my interests: Teen Ventures
Applying all my philosophy, strategies, and techniques to nurture the next generation, the result is, which will invest in the human capital and generate the leaders of the future.

Posted by Science Quotes @ 07/05/2006 09:05 AM GMT-8
"The profound study of nature is the most fertile source of mathematical discoveries." Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier in 1822 He nailed it right on the head!  Most of the interesting math (in my opinion) was developed by physicists and those involved in the physical sciences.  Of...

Posted by Perceptionalism @ 07/04/2006 01:18 AM GMT-8
[I wrote this on my other blog, but after consideration, I decided it suited this blog as well. That, and the fact that I haven't posted on here in over a year. Might as well throw something up eh? =P] Lemme rant about self-awareness for a little bit so I can stream-of-consciousness some trite out...

Posted by Golden Ratio Room @ 06/02/2006 03:30 AM GMT-8
The Golden Ratio Room
    "Cold Fusion" Moth Designs-original photography and photo collage   Hello and welcome to Dimitri Spanoas Virtual Castle. There are many rooms in the virtual castle...this one is dedicated to the writings of math and physics. For the most part it is also an extension into...


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