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Posted by I am made of rain @ 07/29/2012 11:27 PM GMT5.5
Neem Ka Ped!
Neem Ka Ped! It was a simple serial..wonderfull acting by everyone., especially pankaj kapoor....probably one of the most under talked serials of all times...people speak about nukkad and hum log and also about buniyad...but no one speaks about Neem kA Ped..which i believe deserves equal...

Posted by geographical INFO @ 03/03/2007 12:23 PM GMT2
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Posted by Highwayman @ 12/12/2006 08:30 PM GMT1
full rulleLima!
Halla! Ar i Lima igen full rulle. Var pa salsa klubb igar fast dans ar ju for de som inte har rad att sta i baren. Imorgon drar vi vidare mot Ica och sandboarding. Horde att du ar i Thailand Bengan superkul halsa Stickan. Se upp for snart kommer Lignell och Lasse, Hoppas lussebullarna ar goda....

Posted by HaiLonginChina @ 01/18/2005 08:43 PM GMT8
Hai Long returns to Blogdom!!
It's been a long time away from the lair.... but something must have happened in the offices of power to reverse the ban on Blogdrives in China.... I'M BACK AND READY TO BLOG TO MY HEARTS CONTENT!! This is a short message to check that my excitement is not premature...... never really been a...

Posted by danielleodette @ 09/01/2004 05:15 PM GMT-5
I guess I have to make a post every blue moon to keep the archives on here.  So, if you're still trying to read this site.. go to the new site on my webpage... ...

Posted by Ocean Salinity @ 11/20/2003 05:13 PM GMT-10
Salinity Measurement
Salinity (total amount of salt) and the amounts of individual chemicals in sea water is measured by PARTS PER THOUSAND. A symbol used to measure parts per thousand looks like this: ‰An amount of salt, like for example 10 ‰ means 10 pounds of salt per 1000 pounds of water.

Posted by Golden Years @ 10/18/2003 05:25 PM GMT-5
I was thinking
I was thinking that i'D MAKE A new (yes another) journal on but it's very confusing (atleast for me it is) and I'm not sure how to do all that html crap. geez louise! i DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT AT ALL. iT GIVES YOU the HTML to paste and I still dont know how to do it lol I am crap...

Posted by virgile @ 02/10/2003 12:03 AM GMT1
moving out
ca y est. je déménage de rennes a besancon. pour l instant je me demandes bien pourquoi.. en fait..

Posted by We Love Romania @ 04/10/2003 07:11 AM GMT1
dateline Piata Romana (Bucharest)
Several days of see-saw weather are what I have in my last days in Romania. That added to the difficulty finding the proper shops I want for some little things... Added to a confirmed encounter with the (so-called) "Tourist Police" and a possible second one... Well, the last days are a bit...


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