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Posted by anakin @ 12/18/2003 08:31 AM GMT8
rites of passage...
of mere mortals should one must go?!

Posted by NataPhD @ 12/16/2003 04:43 PM GMT1
Clear actions to do
After a meeting with my supervisor, I'm getting now a better picture of what I need to do with all the readings, discussion, thoughts, and so that have kept me busy the last couple of weeks...   First of all my main goal now is to design a good field study to 'measure' privacy in the...

Posted by thesis journal @ 12/07/2003 01:35 PM GMT-5
another quickie
Also, just got an email from someone in Australia, looking for some info on the RF device I'm using.....looks like he's doing some pretty cool stuff ()....I think if Honeywell markets this device properly (and forking out samples for free to students is a good start), they can get quite a...

Posted by Ryans' Blog @ 11/21/2003 01:55 AM GMT-8
Look at these guys!!!
They were waiting for us.... Too Much you think???

Posted by noval @ 11/14/2003 09:36 AM GMT7
jagalah hati
huahuahaua..hari kedua ngisi blogger, nanti malem ada ujan meteor , nonton ah, kayak welcome screennya film meteor garden ajah, duduk dudk sambil nonton bintang jatuh...:) sekedar saling mengingatkan... jagalah hati...jangan kau kotori jagalah hati cahaya hidup ini...

Posted by ea99-04 @ 10/24/2003 04:55 PM GMT7
Some stuff from other people's blog
I included some comments... and more questions :p 25 QUESTIONS MEN WANT TO ASK WOMEN Here, revealed for the first time, are those burning questions that men are dying to ask women, but are too embarrassed to admit: 1.Why do you all wish we were more like Ralph Fiennes? --sya ba yung guy sa...

Posted by PICtoral @ 10/04/2003 01:52 PM GMT-8
Sorting out my Cap Drawer
Sorting out my Cap Drawer I have been busy reading up on both the 16F877A and MPLAB. Meanwhile, in need of some 0.1uF capacitors for the MAX232 RS-232 driver, I decided to see what I have in my parts drawers. Arrg; why are only electrolytic capacitors marked? So last night I built a...

Posted by brainmolder @ 09/25/2003 09:38 AM GMT8
Life in a CycleTalking about life on its cycle doesnt engage to scientific methods exclusively. There could be anything, everything that life can be into. Sociological, Psycho, even paranormal activities. But to whatever branches of intelligence, there is a so called cycle. And that's what had to...

Posted by Slackin Off @ 09/17/2003 11:51 PM GMT-5
This has been a rough week for most everyone up here at school.  Next Friday is the last day to drop classes, so all teachers pretty much dump a test on you this week.  That is the situation I find myself in.  However, the stresses of school cause odd things to start happening. A...

Posted by a twist of lily @ 09/09/2003 05:15 PM GMT-5
You got that top pulled down and that radio on, babynow only if i had my convertible here......i miss my car so much, its not even funny...the joys of being muggleborn!good times good times....driving down 80 or 287 or 202/206 (the roads i frequented most), top down, music up, not worryingThe...


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