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Posted by MunKeyz Blogger! @ 02/04/2004 12:31 PM GMT-5
Srry bout no updates
Hey!!! I've got a xanga/livejournal and this so for more recent updates Click here to go to my xanga. You want an update about P'Big click here to go to my P'Big  xanga or Email me here... His conditions has gotten better he is aware of his suroundings and reacts to light and sound. Pray...

Posted by Kangcy's stories @ 01/31/2004 01:48 AM GMT-6
Good Comments for good photos
These comments came from Bob Krist (Danish Light, July/August 1998)- Pay attention to the quality of light and not just the subject. ̴ϴ. ƴϿ. - Shoot in warm light, around dawn or dusk. ذ . Դϴ....

Posted by liquidism @ 01/30/2004 12:03 AM GMT-5
Grocery Bagging Sucks
I have a simple little highschool job bagging groceries at a local grocery store.  I hate it.  First off customers automatically think I'm a dumbass because a have the job of bagging.  They come in there thinking that because they just got off their job in the office, which probably...

Posted by MME @ 01/26/2004 06:52 PM GMT5.5
Express your views about Aditya Gupta
Answer these questions for Aditya Gupta ( Write your answer in the dialogue box appearing after pressing "Make a Comment" ) * How would you best describe Aditya Gupta?

Posted by The Engine Room @ 01/19/2004 09:37 AM GMT10
It was 20 years ago today, Apple taught the world to play...
On 21st January, 1984, the Apple Macintosh first went on sale. Pitched as "the computer for the rest of us", it was radically new, radically different. Apple had a vision of the computer of the future, and put their money where their mouth was. Right from day one, they set themselves up as the...

Posted by here i am @ 01/12/2004 01:09 PM GMT6.5
Jumaat, 9 Jan 2004
Assalamualaikum.. today is very important to me.. 1st because that morning i've debit my moms account and she's very appreciate it. i've touched at the moment she said thanks .. you really dont have to said like that mak.. whatever i do even if i gave everything to you cannot replace the...

Posted by Speaking Badly @ 01/08/2004 05:08 AM GMT-8
Great Stuff!
Hereby is an excerpt of an interview with Ben Carson. READ IT PEEPS! It would take less than ten minutes of your life. But I truly believe that this man's life will inspires you for a lifetime. I must say this is the best read of my day. And well, made my day it...

Posted by nick @ 12/25/2003 08:42 PM GMT6.5
My apologise people, i'm just too lazy to type... Just came back from Jakarta and Hong Kong recently... would have a wonderful time if not for my diahorea, sore throat and flu... Yikes, symptoms of SARS? Nah... relax. I just realized that baju (malay for clothes) in Indonesia is so damn...

Posted by W@TcHuLoOkiN@T @ 12/23/2003 08:35 AM GMT6
I dunno y??
   hmm..its been a while since aku last update tis blogdrive..actually lately aku ader bz sikit..on fri aku pergi umah nenek aku pat j.b..ok ar gerek juga..balik s'pore on sunday ptg dlm kul 5 lebih..   Yesterday aku received sum presents from ma gerl..thanx syg..n not...

Posted by anakin @ 12/18/2003 08:31 AM GMT8
rites of passage...
of mere mortals should one must go?!


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