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Posted by azmier @ 04/19/2005 06:15 PM GMT6.5
In The Name of God, The Compassionate, The Mercifule

Posted by amyc @ 04/13/2005 03:34 AM GMT-8
Each person I've met in this past quarter has had something special to show me.  It could be your favorite movie, super secret tunnels, or even fish that dont really exist.  Things have been such a mess.  I just wanted to see what you had to show me before it was too late. ...

Posted by Jim @ VCU @ 04/05/2005 03:03 AM GMT-5
worse depression ever been in
this is probably the worst depression i've ever been in. yes, im still alive. yes, i have a life other than blogging. i just thought i'd write something here. anything. the next time i write here might be.... mmmm... never. unless by some miracle that i decide to write like this one. anywho......

Posted by @ 03/30/2005 10:46 PM GMT-8
Okay, like my first post in like over a month. Well, nothing much happening here. I made good friends with Kenny (Kapraxis). I am on RCU as "IBrakeForNobody" mainly in the elec. cars, buggies and truck and Beginners (airplanes) forums. Kapraxis is also on there as Kapraxis. And I am turning...

Posted by neobolusa @ 03/08/2005 01:24 AM GMT-8
More Than Word Can Say..
Here I am at six o'clock in the morning Still thinking about you It's still hard, at six o'clock in the morning To sleep without you And I know that it might Seem too late for love All I know I need you now More than words can say I need you now I've got to find a way I need you...

Posted by IMPIAN TN 93 @ 12/17/2004 07:10 AM GMT7
Kepada : Teman-teman TN’93 Di penjuru tempat maya Salam sejahtera semua, semoga kebahagian menyertai temen-temen dan keluarga di manapun berada. Berikut ini saya kabar perkembangan hosting webblog Alumni Teknik Nuklir Angkatan 1993 Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. Dengan pertimbangan...

Posted by arshadi @ 10/30/2004 12:51 AM GMT3.5
بوي كوهستان
با سلام توجه شما را به عكسهاي زير جلب مينمايم

Posted by PRIZE CREW @ 10/14/2004 11:28 PM GMT-8

Posted by asrul-reform @ 08/24/2004 01:37 PM GMT7
Dah lama tak submit something kat sini.. rasa mcm kekok sikit. Maklumlah idea tak macam org lain datang mencurah-curah. Lagi pun mood PR tempohari masih membelenggu jiwa. Apa-apa pun 'kita merancang, Allah juga merancang' Dalam diam tak diam dah masuk 4 bulan tak sentuh dan tak jenguk lama nie....

Posted by The Show is Free @ 08/13/2004 11:25 AM GMT1
Home in three weeks
Again, Ive been slack at what Ive been up to in the last couple weeks/months. Just got back from a week long trip to the Greek Islands, which was awesome.  Went there with Danny, Dave, and Kyle.  All we did was party and lie around on the beach.  Life is tough.  Before that...


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