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Posted by Jurginieur @ 10/08/2008 05:35 PM GMT1
Afgelopen maandagmorgen om 6 uur is Eline overleden... Het toont maar weer eens dat het leven soms echt niet eerlijk is, maar dat je ook zo machteloos kan staan op dit soort momenten. Ze zal iig nu haar welverdiende rust krijgen. 1 ding Ik ben en blijf trots op haar.

Posted by PelWANG HARTAWAN @ 10/08/2008 03:05 PM GMT8
Jgn buWANG pelWANG buat WANG ini!
TERUSKAN melayari www.eco2u.Biz/?x =duitelusdgn DAFTAR PERCUMA dahulu & buat byrn VIP segera untuk menempah POSISI Terbaik! KEBANYAKKAN Maklumat penting mengenai biz ini telah di nyatakan di dalam web di atas dan sekiranya anda mendaftarkan diri percuma dahulu, ada lagi...

Posted by ruglumbull @ 02/01/2008 02:45 AM GMT-8
Jakob Tumi fir sig a labba
Jakob Tumi notar njar aferir til a komast leiar sinnar. 

Posted by SANIB @ 11/29/2007 09:22 AM GMT-8
SATURDAY SHOOTING DAY FOR "SANIB" CAST Ralph Danilo Lisa Lynette Debbie MJ Nori ROLE "Mel" "Jaime" "Alice" "Mary" "Landlady" Jaime's father "Natalia" TIME Legend: if cell is marked X, it's unavailable/ not...

Posted by Sngjandi sveifla @ 10/02/2007 01:50 PM GMT0
Hausti komi
Gan daginn, er sumarfri mitt enda og n blogfrsla a lta dagsins ljs. En stan fyrir v a g bloga dag er samt skemmtileg frtt sem g s RV frttunum. ar var tala um a flk vill ekki kaupa svrt ea litu svi. Einungis hvt! Erum vi tala um a...

Posted by TCKgroup @ 08/27/2007 12:14 PM GMT8
Are you familiar with wire ropes ndt?
TCK wire rope inspection technology co., ltd is a wire rope tester manufacturer. Wire rope ndt instrument can inspect various wire rope flaws utilizing its unique weak magnetic inspection technology.   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Are you familiar with wire ropes? As an important...

Posted by Cody Cranson @ 06/17/2007 01:02 AM GMT-7
The subconcious
I'm not sure exactly why, but I've been having these unsettling dreams lately.  They been leaving me with feelings of anxiousness and general nervousness.  Also, for some reason when I write my blogs, I feel some sort of obligation to my readers, of which I know there are none, but...

Posted by no turning back @ 05/28/2006 01:55 PM GMT8
aku yang belum berjiwa PEJUANG~~
taken from frenster's bulletin board, posted by TZ.Sajak : Aku Yang Belum Berjiwa PejuangOleh : Mohd Zaki M.NoorAku yang belum berjiwa pejuang,Bila diuji SUSAH lantas LEMAH.Aku yang belum berjiwa pejuang,Bila di persimpangan jalan lantas BINGUNG.Aku yang belum berjiwa pejuang,Bila ditimpa BENCANA...

Posted by Test Tube Mom @ 10/31/2005 10:58 AM GMT6
As they say, kids can't get enough... Rayvick Edrae has been requesting another water-playing activity which he and sister Rayvick Grachel enjoyed last week...He just can't forget the idea and asked me and Papa Mund non-stop... I actually felt guilty knowing that we would not be able to...

Posted by Slick Chick @ 09/20/2005 05:33 AM GMT8
Happy, Happy, Happy...
Congratulations to the ME ballers who sweeped the basketball trophies and medals at the Engineering Cup Awards! Damn, I have an exam tomorrow (essay type) and this is a whole new level of cramming I'm doing. It's just something about objective type of exams that freak engineering students out. ...


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