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Posted by PhiloNysh @ 04/21/2006 02:18 AM GMT0
Having had enough pf Blogdrive (I've been here ages), I've decided to move on. You can now find me at: or just click here Bye bye Blogdrive. It was nice knowing you *hugs* Thanks to my loyal visitors and commentors. Please do not hesitate to visit the new site.Oh, and if...

Posted by Old Blog @ 03/09/2005 11:41 AM GMT8
I am thinking of starting a new blog. Don't worry, it will have the same address, but all this old content will be changed and placed elsewhere. Where that is, I am still to decide. I just think it's time for a change. I need to make something more perfect for me. If you take a look at some of...

Posted by IGLB @ 10/24/2004 03:06 PM GMT8
Trees: China Fir
China Fir / Cunninghamia Lanceolata - Simple and lanceolate leaves with pointed apex radiating from main branches - leaf stiff and rigid - lower leave surface has 2 lines of whitish lenticels running along its length - timber resistant to termite attack - major economic timber of...

Posted by Downfall @ 06/01/2004 11:29 PM GMT-8
In Defense of Utopia
Now I know I definitely haven't been holding up my end of the discussion here, but I've been busier than an accountant in April. Applying for work visas, landing and losing several jobs in a day, and of course drinking loads of Czech beer. But in all of the discussions I get into, either...

Posted by Magicicada @ 05/04/2004 08:22 AM GMT-5
Hard times. All I can say. Remember that entry a while back where I mentioned the Apocolypse? Well, I saw the white flash of light yesterday and now I'm just waiting for the shock wave to run through. It seems that one misunderstood my intentions. My intentions as a friend; my intentions as someone...

Posted by Sukhi @ 03/03/2004 07:17 PM GMT5.5
New name - Sukhiram
SukhiramYa, thats the new name for my dear duranta. And no body knows about it yet. But i am going to call it just that..offcourse there is a story behind in a hurry now. But its from a serial called "Neem Ka Ped"*******************&&&&&&& &&&&&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@@@@@@@@@ @@@^^^^^^^^^^arre,...

Posted by DMS LANDSCAPE @ 02/16/2004 09:20 AM GMT-5
dear lawn members,it appears that the snow will melt in two weeks and i will be starting my work on the

Posted by council van man @ 01/12/2004 04:05 AM GMT0
some git is trying to nick my blog

Posted by The Blog @ 01/03/2004 04:34 PM GMT-6
So what is my blog about?
I want this blog to represent my big picture, the wholeness of my journey as a person.  Is that specific and compelling enough to have any kind of audience?  I donít know.  Maybe over time the focus could be narrowed and defined more.  Maybe I could define it just according to...


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