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Posted by Bent Crew @ 01/04/2004 04:39 PM GMT-6
I'm bored
If you do a search for "Bent Crew" on Google, this website is the second to last entry on the second page. I just thought that was pretty cool. Of course, we are listed after these turd burglars, so that kinda sucks: /2003_11_02_bent_halo_archive. html  See ya,...

Posted by NataPhD @ 12/16/2003 04:43 PM GMT1
Clear actions to do
After a meeting with my supervisor, I'm getting now a better picture of what I need to do with all the readings, discussion, thoughts, and so that have kept me busy the last couple of weeks...   First of all my main goal now is to design a good field study to 'measure' privacy in the...

Posted by Ruminations @ 12/14/2003 02:28 PM GMT5.5
PowerPoint Makes You Dumb
Read this interesting pieces on New York Times. Something I always wondered is getting proven Computers were smart people in fron tof dumb terminals in the 60's and it has sure come 180 degrees in 3...

Posted by noval @ 11/14/2003 09:36 AM GMT7
jagalah hati
huahuahaua..hari kedua ngisi blogger, nanti malem ada ujan meteor , nonton ah, kayak welcome screennya film meteor garden ajah, duduk dudk sambil nonton bintang jatuh...:) sekedar saling mengingatkan... jagalah hati...jangan kau kotori jagalah hati cahaya hidup ini...

Posted by freeman @ 10/21/2003 05:31 PM GMT8

Posted by cs198x2cakes @ 09/16/2003 02:10 PM GMT10.5
ana's log
just testing our new blog site...


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