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Posted by IWar @ 02/07/2005 09:08 AM GMT2
<P>In case you didn't notice, 10% of the year is already gone...</P>

Posted by Abrar001 @ 01/14/2005 11:06 PM GMT5.5
To Send Emails : archive/feedbackphp.shtml Various Useful Tutorials : utorials/PHP/1 File Handling : le/reading-and-writing-files Sessions Ex1 :...

Posted by Disjuku @ 06/02/2004 03:18 AM GMT12
went to a rugby game with my sister... it was an interesting game, half way through someone bgot a beach ball and the stand was hitting it around - noone cared about the game... till some moron popped it :(  ; - amazing - probably not if you dont know anything about...

Posted by kuruvidotnet @ 05/30/2004 05:07 PM GMT5.5
MCP-Developing web applications with VS.NET-C#" 70-315 tricks
Hi all, I just cleared the above MCP exam, the exam is my first certification from Microsoft and will be the start of my target to achieving MCAD.NET. The exam was very useful in certain aspects for me, very useful for my job. Has good career potential Makes u thorough on how things should...

Posted by Eveything is Gay @ 05/02/2004 06:15 PM GMT-8
This blog has died.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, we bury w00t in the earths crust. ers/jesusbear/ And from the ashes rises my livejournal.

Posted by Auur @ 02/11/2004 07:36 PM GMT-8
rijudagurinn 11. febrar
Kra dagbk a er bi a vera brjla a gera hj mr seinustu daga. shokk hj Arnri. Hann er kominn 6. flokk Bjarnarins Egilshllinni. Lri alveg heilmiki dag. Allt komi gan gr held g. Fr seint a sofa.

Posted by Yuki's World @ 01/16/2004 11:03 PM GMT8
New Year Moods~
Today finally managed to go down Orchard for yet another break. Everywhere is packed with people rushing to buy new year goodies. Typical Singaporeans i supposed. I was told that lots of people are shopping around but pathetically few people are actually spending the money. Are they waiting for...

Posted by aMiRaH @ 01/07/2004 04:07 AM GMT-8
eh! alamak!! ako yg dah terpikat kat bdk sec 3 ker dier yg terpikat kat ako...??? ahahahaahh...quite funny title funny seh..dier yg terpikat kat ako ker ako yg terpikat kat dier...mayB ako lar eh..hehe actualli ako pon suke kat dier..mmg suke ALAMAK.. kene chiao skrg..nak KLUAR..haha.. Bobai!! * ChiaoZ..amirah signing off ya! * 

Posted by school blog @ 01/05/2004 04:20 PM GMT8
sci10 notes (lagged)
11.17.03science - rational inquiry into nature (answer)inquirer - object* know (measure)* knowable (measurable)= TRUTHS* measurements follow a certain pattern (regularity)"TRUTH"- measurements- reflection of nature (representative)- reality about the object- paradigm - truth (measurement) - object

Posted by Bent Crew @ 01/04/2004 04:39 PM GMT-6
I'm bored
If you do a search for "Bent Crew" on Google, this website is the second to last entry on the second page. I just thought that was pretty cool. Of course, we are listed after these turd burglars, so that kinda sucks: /2003_11_02_bent_halo_archive. html  See ya,...


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