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Posted by Ashly's Blog @ 02/18/2005 05:08 PM GMT-5
Well This Break Hasn't Been SO Great
Let's start with wednesday night.  Me and my friend from church Josh are going to Wal-mart on Franklin. We are going through the intersection across Cox Road. Our light is green and a mexican guy runs his left turn light and hits us. To add to this he goes to Circuit City gets out and...

Posted by ~PiGlEtz LuBb~ @ 08/03/2004 05:37 PM GMT8
lost touch with wo de blog 4 long time wor
wosh.... finally updating wo de blog le.... hahaha well... beri de busy going Bukit Batok nowadays and going out with dear wor... hehe.... this few weeks neh have been full of laughter, fun, lub, quarrel and alot of nonsense lar.... just last sat , m0i went to kallang wait for dear do his...

Posted by stupid wil @ 05/25/2004 10:01 PM GMT-8
Damn Lakers
So this is the way the NBA is going to be in the next few years to come.  Two aging future hall of fame superstars leaving their team and going to the Lakers to team up with the best one-two punch in the whole of sports.  Damn, how can any other team win a series with the best center in...

Posted by Punishment @ 05/18/2004 01:20 PM GMT-7
Nos dumped me. I still sorta can't believe it. The day before graduation and he dumped me. I realize I wasn't the best boyfriend ever, and I'm sorta spazzy and emotional and high maintenance...but thats just the person I am. I've been more spazzy and emotional lately because of the stress of...

Posted by VariedSkitzo @ 03/22/2004 10:03 AM GMT-5
Hey everyone, yesterday was soo much fun and a bag of chips. Well first I had to goto work and haha one of the damn baggers kept hitting on me and staring...kinda creepy lol. Then I walked to starbucks  and got a new hat and read for a while until my ride showed up. We went home and yey I got...

Posted by data-are-PLURAL @ 02/24/2004 08:59 AM GMT-8
Amused Google
I decided to google my own blog, blaarg, and was amused to find that it has been linked to from some other webpage. I have therefore decided to use this motivation (and the motivation of my PhD statistics being the other thing I could and should be doing) to update all my listeners and educatees....

Posted by Ocean Salinity @ 11/20/2003 05:13 PM GMT-10
Salinity Measurement
Salinity (total amount of salt) and the amounts of individual chemicals in sea water is measured by PARTS PER THOUSAND. A symbol used to measure parts per thousand looks like this: ‰An amount of salt, like for example 10 ‰ means 10 pounds of salt per 1000 pounds of water.

Posted by buku harian @ 10/24/2003 02:50 PM GMT7
bin laden, the hero of islam
bin laden, the hero of islamsosok ini mencerminkan ''the real jihad of muslim", yang bisa membangkitkan semangat jihad umat islam.

Posted by purplefeline20 @ 10/12/2003 02:15 AM GMT-5
thoughts on guys
this has been an ongoing situation that i wish would end, but pry wont for who knows how long.  i was talking with this guy i met at work for a few months.  i let him use my car one time and he took my bike out of the back seat so some other people could sit in the back.  i didnt...

Posted by Francium 87 @ 10/05/2003 12:00 AM GMT-5


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