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Posted by baliw* @ 02/10/2004 08:06 PM GMT-8
I'm getting outta here! hello...xanga! http://ww's having issues right now... being a butt like posts it like three hours into the future...weird. but yeah...i'm there..... bye

Posted by CagedBird @ 01/28/2004 06:26 PM GMT-6
My Tummy Hurts!
My tummy really hurts. Blech. I don't know why. For dinner nothing sounded good to eat. I had an apple, yogurt, and then some ice cream. Healthy...  Haha. School sucks. I'm tired. I don't feel like writing anymore. Boo.

Posted by Bird-Nest-Fern @ 12/18/2003 05:16 PM GMT8
BORIN BORIN BORIN!!! (Com gt pro)
Haiz... Today's a boring day again... i wake up at bout 10:30am cos, again, i sleep late late at night bout 1:30am.. (coz watch tv larz) But hor, e main thing iz not dis larhz. actually I went to my great grandmother's funeral.. Muz wear everything black arh!!! n muz wear e (xiao). dis is the first...

Posted by Evie @ 11/30/2003 06:02 PM GMT-5
hmmm.  I thought i would go ahead and write about my thanksgiving, but i really don't feel like it.  It was pretty normal: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing.  I definitely drank more over the weekend than i ever have over thanksgiving, but that's not terribly exciting either. ...

Posted by smooth @ 11/22/2003 07:55 PM GMT-8
Smooth from the Block
Well i made it out of the country, with possibly EVERY hitch going wrong that could have on my trip away from dear canada. From the moment my alarm went off this morning i had an overwhelming sense of disorientation and confusion as to what the hell i was doing up at 4:30am...and that seems to...

Posted by Ocean Salinity @ 11/20/2003 05:13 PM GMT-10
Salinity Measurement
Salinity (total amount of salt) and the amounts of individual chemicals in sea water is measured by PARTS PER THOUSAND. A symbol used to measure parts per thousand looks like this: ‰An amount of salt, like for example 10 ‰ means 10 pounds of salt per 1000 pounds of water.

Posted by Sheer Innocence.. @ 11/15/2003 11:18 AM GMT-5
hmmm missin JORDAN!!:_(
November 14, 2003       ;      ; ~ 7 months jordan...we terribly miss you oh sooo much!!! we're performing broadway nite on November 19th...hope you'll love it. we miss you jordan:(... November 15,...

Posted by purplefeline20 @ 10/12/2003 02:15 AM GMT-5
thoughts on guys
this has been an ongoing situation that i wish would end, but pry wont for who knows how long.  i was talking with this guy i met at work for a few months.  i let him use my car one time and he took my bike out of the back seat so some other people could sit in the back.  i didnt...

Posted by Francium 87 @ 10/05/2003 12:00 AM GMT-5

Posted by DayNuh @ 09/26/2003 07:29 PM GMT-5
Oh man! This week was eeever so long... Im so glad it's over! Im actually in a good mood right now.. Last night was a horrible night. My anxiety started to work up again and i thought there was someone in my house...New news? No. I always think there's someone in my house when im home...


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