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Posted by Love grows to die @ 05/30/2005 01:55 AM GMT-5
some1 dont have a firewall
God i love hacking blogs. they are sooooo easy. if you want your shit to be safe, invest in a good firewall DUMBASSES! this is the third blog today and i plan on more so dont get warm and snug about being safe online, BITCHES!!! thank you all, BLASKO the NERF

Posted by circe-isms @ 04/21/2005 03:39 AM GMT8
Starting Over (ETC Style!)
This blog has been pretty inactive for quite a while now, and believe me, it's not because I don't find anything to write about anymore. I get writing ideas. All the time, actually. I just forget all about it by the time I get home is all. Anyway, I've somewhat decided that I'd be moving all...

Posted by nina274 @ 01/28/2005 04:37 AM GMT-8
Hari nih......x de mende best pon yg berlaku. Spt kebiasaan, tgk tv, masak, hurmmm chatting & lain2. Buhsan nyerrr Nie lagu yg tgh hitz skrg, best gak!!! Elegi Sepi by Azharina Saat mentari beradu Rembulan pun bertamu Hatiku menjadi sayu Dalam kesamaran waktu Mengapakah...

Posted by Jamination @ 01/15/2005 05:12 PM GMT-5
January 14, 2005    11 pm   I got kinda depressed tonight. I got into a bout of “my roommate sucks goddamn I hope I get out of here soon,” mixed with “I only have 4 friends here and no one to really talk to,” plus a pinch of “where the hell am I going with this whole ‘school’...

Posted by leia @ 10/04/2004 10:52 PM GMT-5
Homecoming 2004
   Homecoming week started out kinda bad, Monday was cancled cuz of the storm and Tuesday wan't a dress up/down day. Wednesday was though. It was Charactor day... I was minie mouse.. i had fun as her. Thurday was class color day Jr's are blue. Friday was Baron spirit Day and a pep rally....

Posted by UNsweeTie Girls @ 06/15/2004 11:40 PM GMT8
I super sad today. I Broke the mirror of my LG7100. DUn ask ME why. JUST BREAK IT OK? WHATEVER. I very sad.

Posted by flyinghigh @ 04/28/2004 10:41 PM GMT5.5
Back With A BANG !!
its ALMOST been half a century since i updated my blog !!! was waiting for something excitin to happen... and then, reality struck that life cudnt be more merrier !! n am planning to blog every single happy day that i live. its like am living a new life these a totally new...

Posted by Sukhi @ 03/03/2004 07:17 PM GMT5.5
New name - Sukhiram
SukhiramYa, thats the new name for my dear duranta. And no body knows about it yet. But i am going to call it just that..offcourse there is a story behind in a hurry now. But its from a serial called "Neem Ka Ped"*******************&&&&&&& &&&&&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@@@@@@@@@ @@@^^^^^^^^^^arre,...

Posted by Sanctuary @ 04/13/2004 06:19 AM GMT-5
Monthly Entry
Monthly entry I guess I can go ahead and post a monthly entry I have been doing good at that. I really use this for my spare time. The past few days I have been eating candy. I don't harldy ever eat candy then I go and eat alot of it over the course of a few days. Now I am stuck at work with a...

Posted by data-are-PLURAL @ 02/24/2004 08:59 AM GMT-8
Amused Google
I decided to google my own blog, blaarg, and was amused to find that it has been linked to from some other webpage. I have therefore decided to use this motivation (and the motivation of my PhD statistics being the other thing I could and should be doing) to update all my listeners and educatees....


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