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Posted by SRiLaYaNG @ 01/17/2011 09:47 PM GMT-8
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Posted by IllustrationBlog @ 12/09/2010 12:24 PM GMT-5
For those of you accessing my Facebook page, I would like you to know that for a while I will be adding any relevant posts or artwork through my blog. These posts should be automatically added to my FB page, as that is how I have it set up. Hopefully this is the case, because, at the moment, I...

Posted by Vizarrinas @ 11/03/2010 06:26 PM GMT1
Bienvenido al blog de Vizarrinas. En estos momentos estamos trabajando para mejorar nuestro portal de Internet, por lo que pedimos un poco de paciencia a todos los usuarios. Os prometemos que muy pronto tendréis a vuestra disposición fotos e información sobre nuestro trabajo. Si ya...

Posted by kekasih-waktu @ 10/27/2010 02:35 PM GMT7
Tuhan, Mbah Marijan & Jawa
Pagi ini seorang kawan lama sesama  pendaki mengabarkan bahwa Mbah Marijan si Penjaga Merapi itu wafat. Berbagai  reaksi bermunculan. Salah satunya ada pihak yang mengatakan bahwa Mbah Marijan sangat menyepelekan ilmu pengetahuan yang jelas2 sudah member tahu ttg bahaya Merapi. ...

Posted by meglomania2 @ 10/20/2010 12:13 AM GMT0
update your bookmarks and rss feeders, set the alarm, don't spare the horses, fly the flags, and light the candles
i done gone moved! here:

Posted by bohemian spirit @ 10/11/2010 11:00 PM GMT6.5
I lay it all down here, tonight.That which always remained hidden,However temperedis lurking, irkingwords  caged, silenced like an innocent convicted  of a crime she didn't commita tongue tied to the backspace keyBACK! BACK! BACK! SPACE...O U Y  S S I M  IYour breath that used...

Posted by Aireon @ 09/27/2010 01:37 AM GMT-3
Esta noche los cielos exclaman un saludo hacia ti... y mi alma te desea nada mas que bendiciones.

Posted by PeppersLesPaul @ 09/24/2010 06:25 AM GMT-3
Ando contrariadoCon mis besos fusiladosde a ratos ando y luego me desarmoAndo acorraladocon la idea cotidianay la imagen creativaAndo tropezandode repente andocomo un loco agonizandoAndo recordandomas no ando si no intentomas golpes que me pegoAndo por el bordepor el mismo cada díatodo se resume en...

Posted by gian @ 08/28/2010 12:25 PM GMT8
My Cousin.. Turns out to be The most loved by all in the Universe in a Night
  If you're not glued to your TV sets you might be missing this story.  About a girl I barely recall as a small kid in a quet countryside playing with her older sister.  Barely 4 feet this small girl hay nice tan complexion, ordinary hair and well a pair set of eyes that is...

Posted by 'ndo @ 08/11/2010 12:01 AM GMT-3
Quando cai a ficha...
Esses dias eu estava em uma festa de casamento, e me ocorreu um pensamento bastante profundo.Tinha um gurizinho dançando no meio da pista, do jeito de criança, bem descordenado, mas uma gracinha.E aí que eu penso: Meu deus, o mundo é tão injusto! Essa criança dançando desse jeito é "a coisa mais...


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