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Posted by En comun @ 11/20/2011 09:56 PM GMT-6
Acerca de mi
"Si me pudiera resumir en una palabra... Entonces sería realmente una persona muy aburrida y desde luego no lo haré, aunque pienso que me gustaría la palabra enigmático."

Posted by lovelybonnet @ 11/17/2011 12:55 AM GMT-8
me vs me
  I'm constantly in a struggle with me. Me that just wants to be happy and me that just wants to prove herself can never agree. One minute I think I'm doing great. That I should be proud of my achievements. Then the next I long for home. I just want to be in my own bed and have my meals...

Posted by glass journal @ 10/11/2011 03:39 AM GMT-7
Glass Lozano/Exos Animus
Hello and welcome to the creative process behind Exos Animus my graphic novel. Here are a few samples of the work that is going on behind the scenes. I've recently run into a problem on Facebook where my designs are showing up no more Facebook posts with this stuff.

Posted by rie-ism @ 09/17/2011 01:30 PM GMT-8
an 'apple' would be the oldest entry on my wish list (which i put right on the left sidebar of this page). and finally on sept 16, 2011, i could cross it out of the list! oh merciful mighty god, thank you! no, i mean, THANK YOU! say hello to my apple (may be i'll named him i am mac)come to think...

Posted by Writing Exercises @ 07/16/2011 02:47 AM GMT8
Exercise 50 - Write a nasty chain letter
The current controversial headlines are hard to ignore - corrupt bishops receiving money from the PCSO purportedly to buy SUVs they needed in serving their communities.  One bishop, going so far as to request the SUV through a letter to former president Arroyo as a "birthday gift". ...

Posted by honest art talk @ 07/03/2011 08:23 PM GMT-5
a few days late...or when babies decide to arrive...and the creativity of maternity
I have been having fun when asked "when are you due?" in the supermarket. I simply smile and say, "three days ago" and watch as everyone tensed or otherwise freaked. I'm feeling great and have no idea when this little one will arrive. We expect the baby will change everything (in such a magic way)...

Posted by ThIs iS Lif3... @ 06/18/2011 06:22 PM GMT8
Tender-hearted Fools?
there's been a lot of commotion regarding the 'humane' way of slaughtering animals. let's face it, logically speaking, there is no 'correct' humane way!! the only humane thing to do is to let it live out its life.. now, even if you give the animal much respect and slaughter it by...

Posted by IpanSetiawan @ 05/08/2011 10:20 PM GMT7
raga tersungkur batu di kepala tersandung umpatan koruptor busuk perut buncit fisik cebol kulit putih seperti togog topeng tebal tak punya muka di antara bangkai-bangkai aku tergeletak cahaya terang tertutup mendung, hati kesal jangan memberontak entar kena...

Posted by Indonsian Tour @ 05/02/2011 06:03 PM GMT-8
Gustafitriawan Network
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Posted by Life Is Subtle @ 04/15/2011 03:49 PM GMT8
Leaving this space as it is
Will work on other craps from here Thanks for wasting your time here.


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