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Posted by Heather! @ 11/24/2003 06:08 PM GMT-6
Go here...
http://www.georion23.250free.c om/bestlinks.html Fun links I've accumulated.  If you think of any others I should add, let me know. Go Jacks!

Posted by chrissylynne @ 11/22/2003 10:15 PM GMT-5
 hey if you are visting this site from  then  wel come to my blog  i have recently converted to my meessage board were  ppl like you can leave me messages w/o haveing to email them to me or you can chat w/ me or neone eles on my blog !!! :)

Posted by NePtUnE's bLoG @ 11/11/2003 11:54 PM GMT8
Too bad... seems that less and less people come... but anyway... i come less frequence also... ai.. always spend time sleeping and sleeping these days... or actually these weeks... help... i m lossing my mood on studing.... GOD>>>>>>&g t;>

Posted by specialkberry23 @ 10/15/2003 06:29 PM GMT-5
i had a good day today, which was suprising. someone didnt talk to me this morning which i was very suprised and happy about. quite tired but i dont have ne homework...linds might sleep over tonight so we can get ready for twin day together tomorrow!! very excited about twin was pajama...

Posted by cerberus @ 10/13/2003 03:03 PM GMT-8
Nope, there's another link of the day, which I recommend to everyone who's got 2 legs and 2 arms and knows how to use them:READ THIS!+++

Posted by _Endless Dreams @ 09/14/2003 02:31 PM GMT-5
Conspiracy amongst authors?
glowstixxz [2:13 PM]:  *Burps* LordRichardRahl [2:13 PM]:  o0o0o LordRichardRahl [2:13 PM]:  sexy LordRichardRahl [2:13 PM]:  yer turning me on glowstixxz [2:13 PM]:  Oh I can imagine you right noww glowstixxz [2:13 PM]:  Wanting it LordRichardRahl [2:14...


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