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Posted by krillmeed @ 10/14/2005 01:38 PM GMT1
Update a busy few months
As stated on the main page, it has been a very busy few months. Especially the forum part of the site. Due to the popularity of the forum i have split it up into 3 sections, each having its own site and admin team. First the Star Trek forum, which with the best Admin team of XX Wilson and Mriana,...

Posted by b l o g r a p h y @ 10/02/2005 07:37 PM GMT-8
this shoe

Posted by Walking Wounded @ 01/16/2005 05:00 AM GMT-5
These completely dead emotions drain the last bit of me
I'm back from vacation. I went to florida for a week with Brian. We had an awsome time, I am really glad I went. The weater was awsome. I almost didn't want to leave, but then when I found out I was comming home to a snow-less Windsor it made comming back a lot easier. We did a bunch of neat...

Posted by mysterious mind @ 01/02/2005 10:39 PM GMT-6
Old News
This blog is really old.I started it in October of 2003, just after Angelliki started hers. She never posted in hers, and a few months afterwards we both just forgot about them I guess. Lot's of stuff has's already 2005! Turning 18, my graduation, Prom...first semester of...

Posted by Penguins Igloo @ 12/22/2004 04:23 PM GMT-6
Christmas Here I Come!
Hey Every1!       ;    Yes thats right, its Christmas time again!  lol, its not really christmas yet, but it will be soon!  I cant wait to open all of my presents!  We just got out of school 2day so Im really hyped lol thats a dumb...

Posted by Black and Color @ 09/20/2004 05:51 PM GMT-5
Vou botar aqui uma foto
Eu não sei quem tu nem o porque de me colocares com autorização para escrever no teu blog mas ok

Posted by e3Lyn @ 09/18/2004 01:34 AM GMT10
saw him 6 times today at a different place and also at different time...record breakerº

Posted by danielleodette @ 09/01/2004 05:15 PM GMT-5
I guess I have to make a post every blue moon to keep the archives on here.  So, if you're still trying to read this site.. go to the new site on my webpage... ...

Posted by amy @ 06/19/2004 09:15 AM GMT11
hey guys im sick of blogdrive so im goin to xanga. heres the link because i wont be adding any more entries to this page. x?user=uh_oh_its_amybojamie

Posted by smartone @ 02/22/2004 07:00 PM GMT-6
not so bad...
so maybe my family isn't THAT bad, they're still anoying.. but it dosent matter cause now im getting a car and everything is gonna be fine. a car! do the happy dance. i have waited for ever for this moment. im getting it tommorw after school!!!!!!!! there are no words to express my bliss! now i...


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