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Posted by Mosquito 0 Farms @ 06/21/2015 10:08 AM GMT-8
Mosquito Control for Emu Farms
There are many publications that will be of the opinion that best mosquito control practice is something that is to be applied universally. In other words, it hardly matters whether you’re dealing with cows, donkeys or velociraptors; the science bit is still the same. When it comes to those...

Posted by lukman @ 11/19/2014 12:56 PM GMT7
Batu Giok Aceh super
Batu giok Aceh - Kristal solar Aceh Idocrase permata giok solar Aceh, ditengah semarak pasar batu di Indonesia mendadak solar Aceh Indocrase jadi salah satu primadonanya. Solar aceh termasuk juga type Giok dengan bermacam kwalitas serta warna, type super solar Aceh tak kalah dengan batu kristal...

Posted by Grows @ 09/16/2014 01:33 PM GMT-8
Keeping it clean!!!
Well now that we have happy plants its time to make sure we keep them happy,and healthy! Some people change there solution in their hydroponic systems weekly. I've known growers that never changed or cleaned their systems during an entire grow, and still had moderate luck! When we grow...

Posted by Feed Pellet @ 10/14/2013 12:14 PM GMT8
Why Spray Fat after Pelleting?
Firstly, I will introduce one type of fat spraying machine-pellet coating machine. The pellets coating machine adopts excellent post-addition technology, which can spray nutriment and medicine on the formed pellets' surface. You can add oil and fat, zymin, vitamin, organic acid and microorganism...

Posted by gontha @ 02/16/2010 10:23 PM GMT8
Death in Zanzibar by M.M.Kaye
Not a bad whodunit set on the exotic tropical island of Zanzibar where the author was stationed while her husband was serving in the army. It seems a little dated now but it was still quite readable. The author provided the unusual aid of a floor plan of the house where the murder was...

Posted by my green thumb @ 01/13/2010 05:43 PM GMT8
wish list...
Broiler Chicken RaisingPig FatteningTilapia HatcheryTilapia/African Catfish/Pangasius Dory Grow-outCow BreedingGoat BreedingVermicultureVegetable ProductionLovebirds BreedingPurebred Dog Breeding

Posted by Elixir Lingzhi @ 03/03/2006 01:30 PM GMT7
Orang dipatuk ular. Merebak menjadi kudis. Selain makanlingzhi, lingzhi juga ditabur pada luka. Hasilnya menakjubkan.Kanak-kanak diserang jangkitan pada hati sehingga perutnyakelihatan membesar. Diberi makan lingzhi, lama-lama pembengkakan susut danpulih.Terima kasih lingzhi!

Posted by heather~* @ 06/08/2005 01:10 AM GMT8
Study leave

Posted by DarK DeSirE @ 03/03/2005 01:11 PM GMT-6
Thuresday day
whoo whee..! I AM SOO TIRED TODAY! I've just arrived at my fourth period now from swimming and just browsing the net. I tell yeh, block schedule for every thuresday is soo lame and booring! Took the long way to HAMILTON POOL, went underground took the M..transpher to the 28..then fianlly transpher...

Posted by FriskyRisk @ 05/06/2004 09:41 PM GMT-5
i know its been awhile..
...more like forever, I guess. So what have I been up to? A lot!! Mostly student government and senate stuff. Lots of fun though. I've been hanging out with Chad a lot more, and totally loving it. Now I remember why I fell in love with him in the first place :-/ Josh obviously doesn't know that,...


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