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Posted by Mono-Shin @ 07/30/2005 04:08 AM GMT9
Psychosis Love
Let me not lost it, let me not love it Should have spot it so easily, you're such an adorable culprit Snatch it out of my chest In my heart, you paint such a beautiful mess Timidly resting its feet on my soul gently Sound of the wind chime ruptures my core so easily These eyes confess what...

Posted by dariush @ 07/11/2005 10:44 PM GMT3.5
 اينجا متاسفانه افتاده توي طرح قراره شهرداري بزرگراه درست كنه وسطش لطفا به آدرس جديد مراجعه فرماييد

Posted by Hyena's Head @ 06/12/2005 10:35 PM GMT-5

Posted by Against The Grain @ 06/03/2005 01:00 AM GMT8
day 32 - day 37
agra wasnt at all bad this second time around..primarily cos we got to smoke joints on the rooftop balcony which has really good views of the taj mahal from never fails astound..even the second time around...neways as usual like everywhere else in india..charas is the choice drug..and...

Posted by Queen of Night @ 05/28/2005 11:51 PM GMT-8
This I know
Well, so much for time passing, it has been what? A year since my last time flies. SO much hass happened. BUt i know if i write here Jake can find it, whether he has the time is different. I fell in love, with a Russan...a gorgeous man that shattered me. I gave my body to him, my...

Posted by Linkdoony @ 05/29/2005 10:37 AM GMT3.5
مقام های بهداشتی در آمريکا سرگرم بررسی گزارش هايی از بروز درجات مختلف نابينايی در شمار معدودی از مردانی که داروی تقويت قوای جنسی، واياگرا، مصرف می کنند هستند. به...

Posted by Computer world @ 05/18/2005 05:21 PM GMT3.5

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Posted by and you'll die @ 04/24/2005 05:57 PM GMT-7
I... Hate... You...
This is something I wrote a while back. Still holds true. :) "In the name of desperation, I call your name. A lamentation I sigh, again and again." Yeah... Something like that. There is no hope for humanity. We, as people, are sludge, slime, grit, and garbage, boiling and mingling with each...

Posted by blome @ 04/04/2005 02:52 AM GMT-8
How do I know if its real love?       ;      ;  Loveto starry-eyed romantics it is a mysterious visitation that seizes you, a once-in-a-lifetime feeling of sheer ecstasy. Love, they believe, is strictly an affair of the heart, something...

Posted by newscollection @ 03/18/2005 01:34 PM GMT8
Kilang sosej halal guna usus babi diarah tutup NOOR NIRWANDY menunjukkan stok sarung kulit sosej berasaskan usus babi yang disimpan di premis terbabit. Gambar oleh Salim Shaari KUALA LUMPUR: Dua kilang pengeluar sosej menggunakan sarung kulit sosej daripada usus babi diserbu...


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