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Posted by The Redhat Report @ 03/07/2006 10:57 PM GMT-6
The Dubai Port Deal
The Lowdown A British based company, ferry and port operator P&O(The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company) announces the possibility of a takeover deal on October 30, 2005. On November 29, 2005, it was that shown  that a company owned by the Dubai...

Posted by Kurugantis @ 03/06/2006 08:43 AM GMT-7
Hanuman Chalisa
Here is the Hanuman Chalisa from Pattabhi. Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukar Sudhari, Barnau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu, Jo dayaku Phal Chari With the dust of Guru's Lotus feet, I clean the mirror of my mind and then narrate the sacred glory of Sri Ram...

Posted by The Sparksmith @ 03/05/2006 04:20 PM GMT-5
well Erik finaly found agirl
well i finnaly found a girl its been like what sooo long but ya i found a girl . Her name is Ashley she is fuckign awesome wish i woulda met her sooner. she and I have soo much in common i met her online but meh she lives not too far away from my buddies appt. when im with her i feel awesome its...

Posted by MyRants @ 01/17/2006 11:20 AM GMT5.5
Bug or a backdoor!
The recent WMF bug from M$ was serious and the recent post speculating it as a backdoor is scary! This was present since early 1990 from the Win 3.0 days :) From the technet blog at archive/2006/01/13/417431.aspx  the below line conveys the message..  "The...

Posted by Cidado Conscient @ 11/24/2005 11:53 PM GMT-3
Primeiro teste
Realizando um teste.testeteste

Posted by d0unc @ 10/17/2005 02:35 PM GMT8
War of the Worlds
I have seen this movie starring Tom Cruise a month ago. This is a film by Steven Spielberg about extraterrestrials visiting our Earth with nasty intentions, very malevolent intentions at that. I think I havent recovered yet from my interest regarding evolution. Well, here is a draft of the...

Posted by Mind Of Madness @ 09/28/2005 11:27 PM GMT-7
So lately I've been telling a lot of people that they should go see Serenity since it comes out on Friday. Since a good portion of the people who have never seen Firefly ask "So what's it about?". I . . . I really dont know how to answer that question.Think about it. most movies you can classify...

Posted by PiG*s blahhh @ 09/22/2005 09:38 PM GMT7
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Posted by Chocolate Life @ 09/06/2005 12:46 PM GMT-6
Allerton半日游(一 景观) nbsp; Allerton是 6366;经是一& #20010;私人庄 ;园,她į 40;主人Robert...

Posted by A Perfect Murder @ 08/16/2005 09:38 PM GMT10
Tibet: The Dragon Capital of the World
Two photos (or more) have been taken from a plane flying over the Himalayan Mountain range. This wouldn't be news, except the photos featured Dragons. Just your average picture taken from a passanger on board the plane...except the dragon..A handful of news sites have offered the usual...


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