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Posted by blacklistblog @ 09/30/2007 10:08 PM GMT1
Fat and Diet Issue
So, did you eat well today? If you on diet, i want to advice you one thing. NEver use diet pills if you not a serious problem about diet problem. If not, you will have a big trouble when you want to eat and drink. Futhermore, i prefer if you drink a lot of water and eat more fruits and vegetable...

Posted by Soy Soja Soya @ 09/17/2007 07:32 AM GMT1
Smell loss - Tests with an without soy
Smell loss - Tests with an without soyTests performed between July 2003 and July 2007    & nbsp; As soon as I had identified the toxic responsible of my loss of smell I knew I shall run tests to ascertain this causality. But these tests were personal exercises and not...

Posted by Curled Up Kitty @ 09/06/2007 04:49 PM GMT7
A long lost scribe
Something just hit me. What people mean by progression and development, or more of what i understand from it, depends from each individual's point of view. A country can be so rich and modern, but the development of the citizen's mentality could be far way behind as compared to countries that are...

Posted by zastro @ 08/30/2007 05:06 PM GMT2
Welcome to GalaxyZoo , the project which harnesses the power of the internet - and your brain - to classify a million galaxies. By taking part, you'll not only be contributing to scientific research, but you'll view parts of the Universe that literally no-one has ever seen before and get a sense of...

Posted by OPEN YOUR EYES @ 08/02/2007 02:39 PM GMT-8
Manatí Sólo existe en algunos lugares de Tabasco, Chiapas Campeche, Quintana Roo y Veracruz, originalmente la distribución también comprendía a Tamaulipas. Es una mamífero completamente acuático y en este medio pasa todo su ciclo de vida. Se puede encontrar animales solos, así como en pequeños...

Posted by misery \'n\' hate @ 06/28/2007 03:39 PM GMT7
i don't luv u..
sib baik aa ader MCR..kalo idak mahu sedih gak idup aku..hukhuk..skang nih mmg life goes on..aku pun dah moving on..kerap2 sgt dating..'muke cam bdk2'..mmg bdk2 pun..aper aa housemate aku nih..dah tentu date aku tuh bdk ag..baye2 student aku jer pun..tapi itu aa..kdg2 aku rase dia lupe aku nih umo...

Posted by ONEAIEN @ 03/21/2007 12:44 PM GMT-8

Posted by Just passing by @ 03/10/2007 05:24 PM GMT-4
Wow, it has been so long... I can't believe it has been 3-4 years since I was writing these things.  Time flies...

Posted by slappinGirL @ 02/07/2007 09:23 PM GMT9

Posted by Inspiration @ 12/25/2006 01:47 AM GMT0
Have a Merry Christmas!!I've been finding that I've been updating my VOX blog a lot more these days, because it's so easy to post photos and other media. I've decided to use that for a while so see you over there!


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