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Posted by Geek Pie @ 04/09/2006 01:47 PM GMT-8
Getting lost
It used to be the case that my Sunday afternoons were spent being driven around by my parents. All seven of us would pile in the car, go for a drive and then come back again. It was totally pointless. Today, I had the dubious honour of returning the favour to my Dad. You see, the dentist job...

Posted by golbanama @ 01/17/2010 09:36 AM GMT10
No point having a mission if you can't/don't get very far with it.So, new mission.  For at least 1 hour, obey the 3 second rule, and don't eject unless you get rejection or a close.

Posted by HOKKU @ 11/25/2009 08:21 AM GMT-8
[Readers will find the bulk of my writing now at the following site: http://hokku.wordpress. com Those with an interest in hokku and its continuation in modern languages are welcome to visit me there] HOKKU IS NOT HAIKU AND VICE-VERSA Many are still confused by careless and...

Posted by Chronicles @ 10/23/2009 12:04 AM GMT7
Long Silence
Hi all, Whoever follows this blog, i just feel that there's a need for me to update this thing, in case the admin would think that: 1) lost my password 2) have a new blog, which i don't 3) ultimately- dead so yeah, obviously i'm still alive and kickin'. pretty ironic that make fun on...

Posted by Toives Tankar @ 09/26/2009 08:50 PM GMT1
Science F(r)iction
(Lite framtidsutsikter)   Att tekniken går framåt är väl en självklarhet. Och jag ser vissa tendenser i den tekniska utvecklingen som leder till denna något fantasifulla framtidsvision. Detta är vad jag tror kommer att inträffa om ca 50 till 100 år. Om det jag skriver om här nedan är på gott...

Posted by lantoi @ 06/21/2009 02:42 AM GMT8
Hari keluarga 2008
Dah lama sangat aku tak update blog nie sebab kesibukan kehidupan yang mmg selama nie aku tak dapat nak elakkan. Tapi insyaallah atas rahmat dan kurnia yang telah diberikan dari Allah SWT, dapat gak aku sambung cerita-cerita yang berlaku atas kehidupan aku selama nie. Dan dalam ruangan nie aku...

Posted by Un tal Mic @ 05/23/2009 12:21 PM GMT-8
Este muñeco se cambia de aparador.Porque el espacio nunca será suficiente.

Posted by raidflare @ 02/16/2009 07:45 AM GMT-5
Los Chavistas y el mundo de Warcraft.
Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInte rnetExplorer4 ...

Posted by sumitbelsare @ 06/25/2008 10:47 PM GMT5.5
Got a new n better place to express...
Latest thoughts n experiences are now posted on my new blog: http://sumitbelsare.wordpress .com/   Why a change? Well, people change their jobs, bikes, even girl-friends (or happens otherwise?  Donno...) Now, just allow me changing the blog hosting site  Actually,...

Posted by mozart aka mahadi @ 10/15/2007 04:08 PM GMT7
Compaq Presario V3614AU
i have the device drivers including AMD cpu identifier.platform : windows xp professional/media centre/home 32 bitsemail me for details. &nb sp; USD5.00 plus movies/programs    


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