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Posted by Jari Dang Amai @ 12/04/2017 11:21 AM GMT7
4 Disember 2017
Hari ini genap lima minggu kita duduk diam-diam dirumah setelah keluar dari hospital. Kudrat belum lagi pulih seperti dahulu kala. Tetiba hati rindu untuk mencatat sesuatu di sini..

Posted by K@plus+ @ 11/01/2017 12:43 PM GMT8
姐弟戀個人偏見也好、思相保守 ]好,極度反感。

Posted by PoetrySpire @ 07/30/2017 03:45 PM GMT-8
Sea Gulls
Careening/ Overhead/ I follow/ As they sail/ And dance/ Into the distant harbor/ Flying above/ With mystical wings/ Transcending an/ Ordinary day/ The inner essence/ Floating up/ Into the deep/ Love of sky.

Posted by NickHanks9 @ 07/11/2017 03:26 PM GMT-8
The Century Survivalist - Natural Disaster Survival Techniques
The new age were living in demands new ways of thinking about natural disaster survival techniques. That is the purpose of The Century Survivalist, to cultivate a new generation of thought on the subject for an ever-changing world. Here you will find the ultimate place for survival...

Posted by My Sweet Escape @ 06/03/2017 01:29 AM GMT8
What's up on me these days
Oh look at the Posted Date! It's been a decade already since my last entry. And it's just amazing to know that Blogdrive is still here. My posts are still here. Oh where to begin? For the past years, a lot has been going on. I graduated - at long last - after all the drama and despairs I've...

Posted by Bartending @ 05/28/2017 09:02 PM GMT-5
The Bitchy Bartender
Welcome to the Bitchy Bartender blog. As a Bartender for uhhh ...25 plus years, I've shared in the good times and the bad of the industry. As a first post, I've decided to create a list of Do's and Dont's for the bar patron. While not every Bartender will feel this way, rest assured, more do...

Posted by bakaboku @ 01/06/2017 12:59 PM GMT7
Setelah Sekian Lama
Assalamualaikum...Setelah sekian lama ga ngeblog, hari ini iseng iseng pengen ngisi blog, tapi karena terlalu lama ga ngisi jadi bingung mau cerita dari mana dulu. Yang jelas, sekarang watashi udah nikah dan sekarang sedang hamil usia 8 bulan, insyaallah hari perkiran lahir awal bulan Februari....

Posted by anita_h @ 07/14/2016 11:12 AM GMT7
Wow... Serunya Liburan Lebaran 2016
Wow... Serunya Liburan Lebaran 2016Wow... Serunya Liburan Keluar Kota saat Lebaran 2016, 10 Juli 2016. Saya dan anak saya Ruth.Wow.... Serunya Liburan Keluar Kota saat Lebaran 2016, 10 Juli 2016Wow.... Serunya Liburan Keluar Kota saat Lebaran 2016, 10 Juli 2016Wow.... Serunya Liburan Keluar Kota...

Posted by Confession @ 06/16/2016 09:11 PM GMT-8
I have to admit, though
Dandelion greens add a pleasant bitter biteand loads of nutrientsto this weeknight-quick pasta. Recipe below.Last week, we cooked with ramps acquired at a supermarket, of all places. That same trip yielded fresh dandelion greens. While long a staple of farmers markets and farm-to-table...

Posted by boulder @ 03/19/2016 06:44 PM GMT-8
free towing denver index.php?title=Amaze_The_Crow d:_Advice_On_Public_Speaking index.php?title=Win_over_The_A udience:_Tips_About_General_pu blic_Communicating http://arginine.umiacs.umd.ed u/boinc/view_profile.php?useri d=2764577 80...


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