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Posted by Koala Dream Talk @ 07/19/2004 09:56 AM GMT-5
I'm Moving!!!
I'm moving: Thanks to Nat who set it up for me, and Jojo who cleaned up the giant mess I created...^^;; *applause* Now I can kick the stoopid ads away!!! >:D But I miss the tagboard...T_T *dodge jojo's flying pointy heels* Since I dun know how to...

Posted by Ali @ 06/30/2004 05:22 PM GMT-8
Hidy Ho
Anybody interested in seeing my pics here is the link. my snapfish photo albums Please feel free to come back here and let me know what you think, and there is also a guestbook there, tho i havent found it. I just added our latest camping pics, they arent the best, but ill get better :-) I...

Posted by Rhiannon's Daily @ 04/19/2004 09:04 AM GMT-5
My Quit Smoking Day
I've taken a shower and slapped on a Nicoderm CQ patch. Now I'm off to get irritated in morning traffic, pissed off because I cannot get the shipping materials I need, and then take my mother in for her mammogram. Doesn't sound like a good day to quit. Wish me luck!!

Posted by how many sugars? @ 04/07/2004 07:55 PM GMT-5
guys don't make passes at girls with glasses
I had this dream the other night where I finally hooked up with Brian.  The only nice dream in a string of nightmares probably induced by nighttime sleep aids (again with the whole "being ill" thing... and just when the weather was getting nicer... ugh).  So I'm mildly offended that...

Posted by candyr @ 03/09/2004 09:21 AM GMT-5
What's In The Water?
I feel like everyone around me is pregnant or TRYING to get pregnant. Granted a lot of them just had their first babies around the time I had Alyssa. Its just that on one special board I frequent, there are 12 pregnant ladies. That leaves about 3 of us who aren't trying. The thing that makes me the...

Posted by vhanna26 @ 03/07/2004 10:02 AM GMT-5
I've Moved
Since 2/1/04, My blog has moved.   Check it out  at the link below and update your links. Vera's Crafty Blog

Posted by aNgeLiquE @ 03/03/2004 10:31 AM GMT3
heartbreak lullaby
there is a hole in my heart... she is gone... no more 'what the hell!' i miss fai like shit... yesterday was fai's birthday... happy birthday fai... u will be in my heart forever... nothing will change the friendship that we shared... i wish u were here with me now... that u did not have to go back...

Posted by Vampire Lover @ 02/20/2004 10:07 PM GMT-5
New Layout
Haha!!!!! Doesn't everyone just love my new layout? My lovely 'wife' Bubbles has designed it for me. Please visit http://poetryswine.blogdrive.c om/ and compliment her beautiful work....She did such a good job...and I LOVE the Kitty....hehe....

Posted by Shar @ 02/17/2004 01:18 PM GMT-7
My life as of now
Well Dad's still in Florida with his sister. Thank goodness it's been very peaceful here without him for the most part. I have my Utah license and any day now my national certificate should be here. Been working hard at the job search the last 2 days and I've already sent out a handful of resumes...

Posted by shortiesbaby21 @ 02/05/2004 02:56 PM GMT-6
love n life isso CONFUSSIN anymore!!
well anyway nothing to much has been happeing. well on monday i didnt do anything. and then yestday i got my ears percied again and spent 30.00$ on earings and everything josh went to bed early so i watched tv and  nothing to much else. anyway at chruch jake was way mad at me cause tiffany...


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