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Posted by CalifChick @ 12/28/2007 07:55 PM GMT-8
How to Make a Soft Rope Flogger
To make a soft, silky flogger, you will need: 9 feet of 3/8" twisted nylon or nylon/polyester ropeapproximately 4 feet of nylon cord for the handle1" or 1 1/2" soldered D-ring This makes a flogger with a six-inch handle and twelve-inch falls. Take the rope and loop it through the D-ring three...

Posted by Cross my heart @ 12/10/2007 09:06 AM GMT-8
More projects
Well im a complete failure when it comes to posting pics of my projects! I didnt post pics of the dress i was making Jaymie because she hasnt worn it yet. I completely forgot all about it, its been sitting in my yarn container! The blanket im making Jayson is almost done, but slow coming! Ive...

Posted by Angel Food Cake @ 10/14/2007 03:18 AM GMT-5
It's time for saying...
I doubt that anyone checks my blog anymore, I haven't updated in months and months and months... Anyway, I'm not dead or anything.  Quite the opposite, actually.   School is still meh, work has become more meh, but all the in-betweens... I cherish those in-betweens like you...

Posted by On My Mind... @ 09/11/2007 12:55 PM GMT-6
Busy summers are no excuse not to blog since June, but that's the only one I have. This summer we went to France and Italy, and I realized that I was supposed to be an European and somehow the stork accidentally dropped me in Chicago. Then it was off to Canada last weekend for a wedding, and to top...

Posted by Knit and Pearl @ 08/27/2007 02:16 PM GMT-8
moving to typepad
HEY FOLKS, I am moving over to typepad check out my new blog-new name Little Pearl please come and visit  me!!! thanks, joy I am also going to have a give away in September -STAY TUNED-

Posted by katarina @ 07/04/2007 02:54 PM GMT1
I've heard that moving every once in a while is good for you, so I've decided to move to another part of our digital universe.From now on you'll find me at this address:katarinaknits.wordpres s.comI hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Welcome over! Oh, and bring your knitting.

Posted by Singing Toes @ 02/04/2007 02:27 PM GMT-5
Moving Day
   After many unsuccessful edits on blogdrive I decided to make a change and move my blog to here   Come and join me on this new and exciting journey!

Posted by Odds and Sods @ 02/02/2007 11:21 PM GMT-5
I can't believe it! I got a Socks that Rock Sock Club membership! I was on the waiting list and managed to get to be a part of it.I can't wait! I'm still a STR Virgin and I'm totally looking forward to a year of beautiful socks!I just had to dance excitedly around my blog for a minute about this.I...

Posted by Little Miss Laur @ 01/16/2007 12:18 PM GMT-5
it has been  a very very very long time since I have posted a blog entry here.  In fact I wasn't even sure if this account would still be here.  A lot has happened since I last posted. . . I finally graduated from college with a degree in Social Science and about 8 minors. . . well...

Posted by Bellas Bloggerier @ 09/30/2006 08:00 PM GMT1
Her var det tørke på oppdateringsfronten altså Gjennspeiler igrunnen bare hvordan det har vært på hobbyfronten! Sommeren er borte - uten å ha satt særlig spor etter seg her i hjemmet. Med sykdom som har preget det meste av sommeren har det også blitt lite strikking. Håper at det bedrer seg utover...


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