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Posted by [jessica lovez u] @ 11/07/2003 11:39 PM GMT-7
everyone stfu
i hate u all! u have no lives whatsoever. i thought i really loved matt nd i thought he really loved me so yes -me nd him did go to 3rd. but me nd him were going out for a full month so i thought it was really true. alli dont be calling me a slut because ur the 1 who ate out cara..

Posted by The Feathered Rat @ 10/19/2003 10:33 PM GMT-6
KV's monster
Part of the "Zombie Plague" campaign:When you suceed in raiding the Crazy Doc's you find in the Doc's journal that the Doc has been doing strange things.1. He has been visited frequently by a stranger- whom you suspect is none other than Karloth Valois himself2. That Zombie plague is airborne-...

Posted by emmyboo1769 @ 09/29/2003 06:27 AM GMT-6
CaR PaRtAy OvEr HeRe! Wh00t Wh00t
ok well saturday night  was GREAT me jackie ashlyn ashler amber kelly kellys boyfriend and sean all went swimming at jordans...well atually jordan jackie ashlyn nad ashley were the only people swimmin and me kelly amber kellys boyfriend and sean were chillen b the pool then we left and went to...

Posted by My poetry @ 09/22/2003 12:04 PM GMT-7
Not Done
Things change, Forever isn't forever, no matter what you say, I loved you than, I love you now, But i can't go on like this another day. It's time to leave us as just a memory, Something to look back on and smile,  

Posted by Robyn @ 08/31/2003 06:22 PM GMT-8
my cOusInS parTay
Hey guys im at my cousins house right now for his birthday and its really boring. Me and Jenny made chicken before and it turned out really good. I saw the vma's on thursday.. It was really good except i think All American Rejects should of won best new artist instead of 50 cent. Justin Timberlake...

Posted by Sam @ 08/31/2003 05:02 PM GMT-8
things that bother me part 1
UGHHHHH.. 2 things..  - - > {1} I hate it when ppl try and make it seem like they're friends with ppl they NEVER EVER hang out with, SERIOUSLY PPL you can't call someone your best friend if you've never hung out with them outside of school at all. I know this shoudln't bother me but...


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