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Posted by cukiezncream @ 08/28/2004 09:17 AM GMT-8
will u coment on this please?
Last night i caught myself laufing at a not so funny situation.. as you all dont know i now go out with jevatae and its been going on since july 5. hes 14 and goes to a different skool den me. pblh.. i go to oms. big differnce. and see i *liked* him alot.. not as much as i like kaion......

Posted by dying2bperfekt @ 05/21/2004 04:54 PM GMT-5
wow! I am on a rolllllll today
wowww it's been good today. I was going to eat a banana for breakfast before I went to work, but I accidently slept in and only woke up 5 minutes before I had to be there. So WOOPS no time for breafkast! I didn't eat anything till I got home at around 3.. and so all I've had to eat today so far...

Posted by lUvhUrts @ 05/05/2004 02:26 PM GMT9.5
lIStenINg to YEs 933 - mAYDAy- weN ROu kAOz... tt eiLEEn reaLLy gVE me alOT probleM Sia... tHE d/O cant find then aLL PUSh to me... cbcbcb..... kNS!! haiz... well...well...... mON nite keri callED me awHIle then until nw i nv call hEr..... im cONTROlinG... lOl..... c dUN call wIll hOW ?? lOl......

Posted by Poetik Tragedy @ 04/15/2004 10:23 PM GMT-8
never post
sorry i dont post.. i dont think i ever will.. or maybe i will and i just wont tell anyone.. i changed the look of m blog.. the chatter box or whatever the hell it is, is gone becuase i dont want it on here anymore... i just keep thinking about who has this site and if i really want them able to...

Posted by Chayx3 @ 04/03/2004 04:21 PM GMT-5
sorry for not writeing =P
wow , i havent writen in here in like forever. it feels very wierd. lol. i promise that ill do beter this time. well , last night ; me  and lauren went to the movies with everyone. and saw the stupidest movie ever!! so we left . lol. and we walked around the lobie  and talked to...

Posted by Dreamers Haven @ 02/17/2004 01:55 PM GMT-5
Long time no update...
Well well... Nothin really exciting has happened so no need to fill u in cause it would just be waste of time. I went to the city with Ry to see Phantom of the Opera for his B-day. Ry left for Florida on V-day, and i've been missing him soooo much... anyways...I slept over ali's last night which...

Posted by NiCe|BoY @ 02/02/2004 09:38 PM GMT0
Atrofio à meia tarde!
História das ideias Palavras a meias Dizes que fazes, dizes que aconteces, Que só tu sabes e que só tu mereces. Um Q.I. superior, inteligência artificial, Lês, falas, estudas e pesquisas, E ao final das contas Já nem sabes o que precisas. Vai! Vem! Volta que vira! Palavras no ar, gente que...

Posted by HuskerBrainWash @ 01/30/2004 08:54 PM GMT-6
Ode to lucas
This entry is for Lucas, Today i pooped my pants. jk not really read brits profile and u'll get it

Posted by takkc @ 01/18/2004 01:40 PM GMT8
Suddenly felt like writing
Hmm.. damn lond did not write le.. So i m summing up bascically wat happened in the past week.. Hmm.. Nothing Much happened.. But the one thing tt striked my mind was Friday. the 16th of jAn. Haha... Cuz i wen out wif the ever sporty frances, ever punky terence, ever whacky kavin. Haha. I...

Posted by kristina oliva @ 01/14/2004 11:50 AM GMT6
my gawd!! absent meh ngyn.. pano.. ang aga aga.. ng brown out.. kainizzz!!!!!  pro kei lng.. sobrang pagod din meh last nyt.. hay..... lakas tlga ko mg3p..hehehehe pno? -secret-   happy meh ngyn.. kc lapit na bday ko.. naksssssss  un lng muna sa ngyn..heheeh


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