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Posted by Flanel Craft @ 09/27/2011 11:44 AM GMT-8
Sepatu Lukis
Haii Pecinta Barang unik.. oh iya saya beri info nieh saya punya produk sepatu lukisyang saya jual di koleksi sepatu lukiskita sangat banyak bahkan kalo di itung itung bisa mencapai ribuan. Desain sepatu lukis yang kita buat bisa sesuai permintaan konsumen looh... klo mau...

Posted by russianandeuro @ 05/18/2011 10:26 PM GMT-8
The Magic Of Moldovan Dating
Because the Moldova Republic could possibly be a mysterious nation to many of you, it will be intriguing to get to understand or know a little track record about this nation of four million population. Moldova is found in Eastern Europe and also is enclosed by Romania and Ukraine. Because...

Posted by Toko Jual Online @ 06/03/2009 07:57 AM GMT7
Diecast terbaru di
Dapatkan diecast kolekasi pesawat, alat berat, truck terbaru:

Posted by Dah habis ok? @ 12/27/2007 09:20 PM GMT0
The story and verdict
So she pushed him down the stairs, and he fell and crushed one of his backbones. And now the bone is still crushed, obviously. So how do you expect him to walk normally AND still talk to her after SHE almost got him paralysed?From where I stand, I see two options. It's either..1) He forgives her,...

Posted by seniorstyle @ 06/30/2007 03:54 PM GMT-4
:lovely gentleman
me: i just want to tell you i think you look entirely stylish.him: i wish you'd tell my wife that.

Posted by rabbit festering @ 08/17/2006 12:33 PM GMT-6
Kobe Kowsumoto
Screw the little "bottles of drunk" Ian is soo perfect for me i dont  have to walk on eggshells around him.. i can just be me.. it was funny i remember after i wrote that post we had a talk and it was like "blah blah blah im Ian, im perfect..and i love you . blah  blah blah" So yeah.....

Posted by Edu.Institute @ 07/12/2005 02:57 AM GMT-8
Educational Institute-Kathmandu
NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT Tinkune, Kathmadu Nepal Phone: Email: Services: Complete Educational Institute for Hotel       ;      ;     Management Training with complete...

Posted by *-SouL SearchiN-* @ 02/12/2005 07:29 AM GMT5
haiiizz upDtaeszz
gooshh.... i m back to the world of bloggie.. its been long wif soo many happeningz.. i even lost track wat hapen n wat i type in the last entry... alritez i tnk alot 3wks had passed... its been reali bad.. especialy to be geting a bad omen every monday imgaine the whole week gets disturbed n...

Posted by cukiezncream @ 08/28/2004 09:17 AM GMT-8
will u coment on this please?
Last night i caught myself laufing at a not so funny situation.. as you all dont know i now go out with jevatae and its been going on since july 5. hes 14 and goes to a different skool den me. pblh.. i go to oms. big differnce. and see i *liked* him alot.. not as much as i like kaion......

Posted by dying2bperfekt @ 05/21/2004 04:54 PM GMT-5
wow! I am on a rolllllll today
wowww it's been good today. I was going to eat a banana for breakfast before I went to work, but I accidently slept in and only woke up 5 minutes before I had to be there. So WOOPS no time for breafkast! I didn't eat anything till I got home at around 3.. and so all I've had to eat today so far...


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