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Posted by Soul Sail @ 05/24/2004 03:48 PM GMT8
喜悦是蝴蝶 在地面款款飞舞 但悲伤是巨鸟 挥动强壮的黑色硕翼 让你高高超越人生 在阳光与成长里翱翔 带你到悼亡天使 俯瞰死神洞穴的天隅   ----《西西莉娅的世界》 (Through the glass,darkly)

Posted by Fighting Words @ 03/04/2004 05:31 PM GMT-6
Leaving here. Heading to LJ
Yeah I got the bitten by the bug. Kinda addictive using LJ since everyone is "connected" (Oh, I sould like Lain). Anyway I will be there at rs/squilg/ so please if you want to read about me I will post there from now on. Thanks Blogdrive you have been  great!

Posted by Daily Input @ 01/28/2004 05:42 AM GMT-5
Early Snow
Woke up around 5 am randomly. I feel asleep for total exuastion around 11 last night. It's currently 19 degress. And then must be a foot of snow on the ground, which was not there when I fell asleep. I practied for about 2 hours with my band mates last night. Things just aren't going well for...

Posted by Squarepantsville @ 01/03/2004 11:04 PM GMT-8
Today I played Need For Speed, Hot Pursuit Two, and The Cat In The Hat on PS2. I was lazy today. Nikalus played with some of his games he got from Chrtismas and I played Dragon Ball Z: The Legency Of Goku Two on my Gameboy Advance SP. I am feeling tired right now.. its late here. Goodbye and...

Posted by Super Mark @ 01/01/2004 02:57 AM GMT-6
Sorry and Crappy Week...*sigh*
I'm sure that you all have had a much better week then I have had.First off I got the flu, which sucked very badly.Then, I did'nt get to work like I was planning on, so I was bored all day Monday.Tuesday, I just sat at home and did nothing but listen to 80's music (Which owns by the way, and I'll...

Posted by Gaming Review @ 12/24/2003 09:15 PM GMT-5
Star Wars: Jedi Acadamy
Star Wars: Jedi Acadamy, sequel of Jedi Outcast. YOu create your character from choices of race and gender hunam, twilek(female only), rodian(male only), Kel Dor(male only), Zabrak ( female only) . Total Lightsaber construction from the look of the hilt to the color of the blade(excluding red) ....

Posted by Psycho @ 12/19/2003 06:48 PM GMT-8
Ayer fue la graduacion, la fiesta formal, llevaba un vestido muy Trukutru, me peinaron, maquillaron y todo ese rollo histerico, me la pase genial, voy a extra馻r a mis compa馿ritos y amigos de mi escuela, ya se termino esta etapa de estudiante senil, ahora tendre que pasar a la onda de trabajadora...

Posted by 00 Zero @ 12/03/2003 02:37 PM GMT-3
Meu Blog, Vers鉶 Final Ap髎 o Blogger virar uma merda, resolvi transferir meus Blogs para outro lugar, o Blog Drive. E tamb閙 vou manter apenas este Blog. Ainda est em constru玢o, mas j vou come鏰r a postar apenas aqui. O Blog Drive  muito bom e organizado. S n鉶 faz upload,...

Posted by angela @ 11/13/2003 03:19 PM GMT-8
hey ! i am at the library ! lol
hi pplz ........ im in the childrens section of the public library in woodbridge. its really boring. im not allowed to us aim so thats a bummer. it sux. well i am gonna go check out some websites. i will not be in school tomarrow on a count i am getting my braces on. well ttyl x0x ~*~ kissez ~*~...

Posted by pAnitSuTo @ 08/19/2003 07:52 PM GMT-8
todai is so cool cuz u noe wut i went to mystery spot with family WOWOWOWOWOW~ we drove from san francisco to santa cruz n it took us a long time to drive dere cuz itz so hard to find n finally we knew how to get dere after we asked the ppl from the fast food shop so newayz we went to mystery...


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