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Posted by Kuroi no Tsubasa @ 09/26/2005 07:49 PM GMT6
reading back
reading back my previous entries...its kinda dumb....yes it say some stupid things under pressure...i'm not myself... i think alot...i always wanna be better than myself...but it kinda failed didnt it~? i always advise my to be better...but it always didnt work...

Posted by ReasonWhy|goldra @ 09/11/2005 01:11 PM GMT9
Treasure of Goldra
* Since composure will be lost if a treasure is obtained, Goldra digs a hole in a hurry and hides a treasure into a hole. It seems to be a dog completely. Surely, it is visible to a dog as seen. But it is a "dragon" in practice. If you wish, Goldra will appear immediately near you and will...

Posted by bseminario @ 03/14/2005 01:20 AM GMT-5
Se nos acabo el Tiempo
Cuando Agil llega la Negrura y comienza a cubrirlo todo es dificil no ceder ante tal poderosa atracción. ¿Por que continuar mirando desde lejos al abismo insondable de la gran Oquedad?

Posted by Mike's Wantlist @ 11/24/2017 06:47 AM GMT-5
mikes Baseball Wants
. ..

Posted by Semper Gaza Meus @ 11/27/2004 11:59 PM GMT-5

Posted by Cenderawasih @ 11/22/2004 05:58 PM GMT7

Posted by Nestea Kool Zone @ 11/26/2004 10:37 PM GMT-5
If you join Sagashite24, be sure to refer me on the form, Nessy! Currently Looking For: Girls13,  Girls15, Girls17, Girls24 1st Choices: Girls, Sibling, Ayu 2nd Choices: Magic, Dear, Kimochi, Demon - Keeping - - Might Trade - - For Sale...

Posted by Las4Patas @ 07/30/2004 06:48 PM GMT-8
New Site - Nuevo sitio
NUEVO SITIO CoLLaGeMaNíA http://collagemania.blogspot. com/

Posted by The blog @ 07/06/2004 11:22 PM GMT-6
Babysitting and whatevrelse that pops into my head
Mood: tierd, and a little bored Music: still the ringing in my ear I must be sick, either that or I have absoulutly nothing to do. This is my second journal entry of the day. That's scary. I'm tierd, like I said I got up at 9, and around 2 something I took a nice nap untill 4:45, I'm...

Posted by Gardon @ 06/19/2004 01:59 AM GMT8
Mp3: Ou deyang - Xing fu che zhan.mp3 Mood: Robotic Another day i considered waking up early. Met Ying and corea (alex) at around 2+ at orchard and i got there layt so i arranged to meet them at far east instead. When i reached i gave them a call and they told me they...


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