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Posted by Recipe Lady @ 04/04/2007 08:11 PM GMT-5
White Creamy Cukes
  White Creamy Cukes 1 cup Mayo or salad dressing ... 1/4 cup sugar ... 1/4 tsp 5% white vinegar ....  1/2 tsp dill weed (optional) ... 1/2 tsp salt ... 4 cukes (i use 3 large) ... 1 Tbs onion (i use like half a medium) Slice your cukes up and place in a big bowl... Slice you...

Posted by havaianas @ 02/08/2007 12:00 AM GMT-8
COLEÇÃO FLOWERSFLOWERS COLLECTION / COLECCIÓN FLOWERS Branco / White / Blanco Vermelho / Red / Rojo Verde claro / Light green / Verde claro Lavanda / Lavender

Posted by More Than Quotes @ 12/24/2006 10:14 AM GMT8
Merry Christmas
Life is great in general and am wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!

Posted by kokoronotomo @ 10/08/2006 12:53 PM GMT7
Ramadhan...bulan suci bagi umat Islam, saat in semua umat Islam di seluruh dunia menjalankan ibadah puasa. Di bulan ini diharapkan umat Islam dapat mengkoreksi atau merenungi diri, menahan segala hawa nafsu... Bagi saya pribadi, dalam bulan Ramadhan ini yang paling saya suka adalah mendengar bacaan...

Posted by Ishero Diary @ 09/15/2006 02:20 AM GMT1
   Meses esperando el Concierto de Ana Torroja y ya pasó el evento... Repertorio repleto de canciones de Mecano entremezclado entre temas propios y adoptados de Torroja, añorando el regreso del Trío Madrileño, se echaron en falta canciones típicas del grupo... En compañía de mis...

Posted by Now Playing @ 08/28/2006 01:40 AM GMT-5
Is That Your Final Answer?
So what is all this shit about Pluto not being a planet? Instead of having all these nerds looking for alien life or Armageddon sized death rocks they are all debating each other in a sealed room. I guess I have no problem with them trying to classify things a bit better but from what I hear...

Posted by ufafo-watchblog @ 08/22/2006 08:09 AM GMT-8
bis auf weiteres!

Posted by Shades of Life... @ 02/25/2006 09:52 PM GMT8
People, my new blog is So please go there now. This blog is of no use anymore in effect from now! Haha. See u all over there at my new blog! And dont forget to update your links people!!

Posted by Createc @ 09/26/2005 10:12 PM GMT8
Createc Technologies 2005
Createc Technologies 2005 test test.. webpage building in progress

Posted by Kuroi no Tsubasa @ 09/26/2005 07:49 PM GMT6
reading back
reading back my previous entries...its kinda dumb....yes it say some stupid things under pressure...i'm not myself... i think alot...i always wanna be better than myself...but it kinda failed didnt it~? i always advise my to be better...but it always didnt work...


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