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Posted by What A Deal @ 07/16/2005 11:40 AM GMT-5
vacation time....phew!!!!
      WELL, IT IS FINALLY VACATION TIME FOR US. I have really needed this week. I started my new position this month, and it has been trying. WOW, I never dreamt it would involve this much work. But all will work out in due time. I just hope my lovely wife can put up with...

Posted by SlumbermanN @ 06/10/2005 04:16 AM GMT1
ihikss... pindah rumah... huhuhu
assalamualaikum semua... so ni aku nak bitau... blog ni dah pindah umah... hehehe... gi takder dah kat sini..... ;) so pasni kita ke tmpt baru aa yer... hehehe... tekan bawah ni kalau nak gi tgk... ihikss hhehee... so selamat sumer....

Posted by Blah_Insane_Words @ 05/03/2005 11:21 PM GMT-5
I'm currently banning my friends cra Z and Atsuke (Toriyama) from our lunch table. They're still my friends. I wuv them to pieces! But well... here's what happened. They have another set of friends, which I think are okay... I don't hate them or anything... but they're not really my friends either,...

Posted by MareMare @ 03/29/2005 06:42 PM GMT-5
        ;      ;Hi peoples I'm sad. One of my closets friends is moving away. I don't want her to move I have known her for so long. We hvae been through everything.  I wish she didn't have to move.  If I could I would move with her....

Posted by Household Tips @ 03/27/2005 01:10 PM GMT8
Energy Saving Tips
The simplest way to save energy is to turn off anything that does not need to beon. Here are some nifty little suggestions you can follow in order to save more energy: Quick Tips Selecting flat-bottomed pans that fit the heating units. Using lids to retain heat and decrease cooking...

Posted by Cardboard Palace @ 03/21/2005 03:32 PM GMT-5
Miserere Mei, Deus... multimedia/renaissance/Faulkne r/miserere2.html

Posted by waiter @ 03/02/2005 03:15 AM GMT-8
Recruitment process on HAL part 3
Finally, the tests have come to an end and I was given a reference paper to be given to SBI next day. Early in the morning, I reached SBI office and give them the reference paper. I was given another paper for reference to the hospital in Rawamangun. I forgot the name of the Hospital, but I still...

Posted by fountain82 @ 02/28/2005 11:55 PM GMT8
Feelings and thoughts for Week 1
Thanks Yee Zhe for this encouraging post! Yeah man! I have found myself very emotional these days as my body is adjusting itself psychologically and physiologically.   Of course, Saturday was my scheduled free day, which means no restrictions! Hurray! I like the plan as every sat, I can eat...

Posted by colours @ 02/15/2005 10:55 AM GMT1
Valentine and moving...
I got a Valentine's day gift. This blog has moved to . Hopefully that one will be updated regularly.

Posted by Quick Knits @ 02/03/2005 11:22 PM GMT0
Oooh - bad Liz!
I can't believe how long it has been since I posted - but it has been a real hard slog with the knitting this year and I haven't really had that much to say.  I finished the BIL's hat and got that sent off to him, although the first one that I did I made the mistake of sizing to fit me - and I...


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