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Posted by Trout Blog @ 04/16/2006 08:34 PM GMT-5
Trout Update #2
Opening Day of trout for Pennsylvania 2006 was a rousing success.  I owe some thanks to Easter for keeping huge crowds away.  I was able to work myself down into the gorge at the Brodhead near Glen Park, using the old broken dam as my base.  I caught four within that section of...

Posted by raunaqz blogz @ 04/04/2006 10:38 PM GMT8
A Dish
Every morning, the same question runs through my mind.  What to cook today??  Ya, there are hundreds of dish and hundreds of recipe books available and i own some of them, nicely stalked in my kitchen shelf. Not that I don't use them, in fact, i have tried some new recipes but the fear,...

Posted by Expressions in... @ 04/01/2006 11:57 AM GMT-6
HTML - Linking within a page
Earlier, I was wondering how do I link to an article that requires scrolling down to middle of the page. Here is the answer that I found in this site.To link to a specific section in a page, you need to place <A NAME="section_name"></A& gt; tags at the beginning of the section you will be...

Posted by me_akane7 @ 02/15/2006 04:24 PM GMT7
Kau Yang Terindah Tetapi Mungkin Bukan Yang Terbaik
Hanya jika kau tau.. Betapa aku menyayanyimu. suatu tika dulu.. Pasti kau kan merasa aku la wanita yg paling mencintaimu.. Waktu itu kita merasa, x kan pernah terpisah..   Kalau kau lebih mengetahui Dalam diri ku ini sebenarnya hanya ada kamu.. Pasti kau akan lebih...

Posted by Absorbed @ 01/31/2006 11:03 AM GMT7
     hiya, on new year's eve, saturday, i spent one hour! on a post and you know what? MY COMPUTER HUNGED! this com is so idiot lar, it lags, it hangs easily, and most of the time everything is not responding! the only good thing is that i can use. luckly i am a paitent...

Posted by Only silence @ 12/21/2005 08:54 PM GMT1
21/12/05 HE VIVIDO
He querido y me han daņado. Me han amado y he fingido. He soņado y me han criticado. He sido libre y me han encarcelado. He escrito y nadie lo ha leido. He hablado y nadie me ha entendido. He escuchado y no he aprendido. He besado dejando el alma a un lado. He jugado y me han ganado. He...

Posted by BERSEPEDA-SELALU @ 12/15/2005 08:55 AM GMT7
Belajar bersama Elisa di UGM
Elisa adalah teman setia yang menemani sivitas akademika di hari-hari ini. Ia memberikan kenyamanan dan keramahan, juga sumber rujukan pengetahuan. Apa pasalnya ? Inilah wajah baru Universitas Gadjah Mada di rangkaian kegiatan akademik yang hadir dalam kehidupan keseharian sivitas akademika...

Posted by d0unc @ 10/17/2005 02:35 PM GMT8
War of the Worlds
I have seen this movie starring Tom Cruise a month ago. This is a film by Steven Spielberg about extraterrestrials visiting our Earth with nasty intentions, very malevolent intentions at that. I think I haven’t recovered yet from my interest regarding evolution. Well, here is a draft of the...

Posted by Quiz @ 08/05/2005 04:31 AM GMT-8
Shishya School - Chennai Quiz
One of my First ever School Quizzes, Amazing Rounds and Exotic Quizzers... Keeing in mind the general trend among School Students, i had compiled a list of almost easy but still with an Amazing Trivia insight ... of course also refer to for an amazing dosage of...

Posted by What A Deal @ 07/16/2005 11:40 AM GMT-5
vacation time....phew!!!!
      WELL, IT IS FINALLY VACATION TIME FOR US. I have really needed this week. I started my new position this month, and it has been trying. WOW, I never dreamt it would involve this much work. But all will work out in due time. I just hope my lovely wife can put up with...


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