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Posted by little bear @ 06/15/2007 12:20 PM GMT-8
the letter B
B is for Bubbles I bought this at the thrift store yesterday I recommend this to All parents!! You just put in the batteries,pour in the bubbles, pull down the handle, and have instant bubbles. (it won a parent's choice award too-and I can see why!!! I would pay full price for this puppy-the...

Posted by Folk Laur @ 06/12/2007 02:33 PM GMT-5
Entry #6 - Treading Water
Literally – I've been treading water. I'm taking a step in my journey to better myself – exercise – yes, I said it, that horrible word – exercise.   I'm not going to claim that all of a sudden I've become this like fitness nut – lord knows that's not the case.  I blame the heat – it is...

Posted by FUNKYPANTS @ 05/15/2007 01:31 AM GMT7
life is good with or without you
i may want to wish friends of mine who is getting married. wish all the joy in all your life. AMINBERKAHWINLAH dgn pasanganmu itu kerana kejujuran dan keikhlasanmu,Bahagiakanlah kamu berdua dgn sinaran Rahmat Allah,hmm...seronok rasa nak kawin ni. bila dah kawin come the challange....

Posted by iriskahlia @ 05/03/2007 12:24 PM GMT8
Audition Safety
CASTING SCAMS   It is such a pity that I didn't get to watch the first few minutes of The Tyra Banks Show last night. It was almost 7:15pm when I switched the channel to ETC. The topic was very good. It was all about companies trying to get advantage of young ladies who wanted to be...

Posted by Petua Mylot @ 03/22/2007 03:48 AM GMT-8
Sorry, streamyx Online !!
Sorry jika aku dah lama tak post sesuatu kat sini. Ini semua disebabkan oleh beberapa perkara dan agak sibuk sedikit untuk waktu terdekat ini. Dan aku harap korang faham keadaan aku yang sibuk dan agak kritikal untuk waktu terdekat ini.Dan banyak pTP yang sudah gulung tikar dan aku yakin Mylot...

Posted by zuls @ 02/24/2007 10:18 PM GMT7
lame menyepi....
salam tahun hijrah 1428 ...kejap je pejam celik pejam celik da masuk lagi satu tahun baru ...eheheh lame raser nya x up date blog den ni .yelah aku pun skang ni susah sangat nak jumper internet eheeh tue yang bagai nak rak gak nak nulis blog ni... kepada all my best fren x ss7,ss8 sori arr beb lame...

Posted by jusohsg-watchblog @ 02/05/2007 07:04 AM GMT-8
nerv nerv nerv
und wie ER sie nervt, die Jusos! Ist doch klar. Wer seit seinem Austritt aus der SPD und der Juso-Sippe deren Machenschaften auf den Zahn fühlt, wird natürlich diffamiert und schikaniert. Adelt ihn wohl eher als dass es ihn stört.

Posted by Ndobos Pol @ 11/25/2006 09:31 AM GMT9
Iya ... saya pindah rumah, dan mulai tanggal 25 November 2006 ini saya menempati rumah baru di Jadi, silahkan berkunjung ke sana saja.

Posted by kumakalembang @ 09/25/2006 01:35 PM GMT7
Thank You
First... thank you to everyone who remembered to greet me on my birthday. It means a lot... But most importantly, I would like to thank everyone who showed their support in any and every way they can during our bereavement due to Tatay Meling's passing. The outpouring of support from friends,...

Posted by Deja Vu @ 07/28/2006 05:31 AM GMT-3
Para ver como ficou
To até com medo...


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